Top 5 Best Android Apps That You Must Use

Hey guys! We all know that android mobile phones are the most used mobiles in the whole world these days. Today, I will discuss the top 5 best android apps that you must use. These apps will make your android more valuable and most specious by using them. Especially if you are using androids for the first time then, these apps will help you to understand androids easily. Because we all know that these apps make you more impressive and attractive. I personally suggest you download these apps on your android mobile and then enjoy their features.

It is very important that you at least should completely aware of these apps. So, here I will completely guide you about these apps step by step and inform you about the features. These apps are call recorder – Callsbox, Router setup page – tweak your router, Whats web, Funcalls, Reface app. Complete information about these top 5 best android apps is written below for your knowledge.

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Top 5 Best Android Apps

Call Recorder – CallsBox

Call recorder – CallsBox is one of the best app from the top 5 best android apps which allow you to record calls directly on your android mobile phones. It records calls and stores them in a specific folder named call recordings. If you think that you should control and check your incoming and outgoing calls that you should download this app quickly. It will give you a full list of recording calls per day and full call recording. If you have any doubt that your friend, girlfriend even your children are in illegal activities. You want to check their incoming and outgoing calls then just download this app in their androids. If you felt that some other people performing illegal activities through your mobile calls then you should record their calls.

Call recorder – CallsBox keeps full privacy whenever he/she calls someone they will don’t know that their call is recording. Simply you just have to download this app from google play or the given link in this paragraph. Open the link, download this app and install it on your mobile phone, and use it. The interface of this app is very simple and everyone can understand it very easily. Here are some features of call recorder – Callsbox has written below which, helps you to understand it easily.

Click here to download Call Recorder – CallsBox


It provides you to

  • Record all phone calls
  • Recording with full privacy
  • Record calls in different audio formats
  • No annoying ads
  • Simple interface
  • Keep data of every incoming and outgoing call

Router Setup Page – Tweak your router!

If you are in search of an app that helps you to configure your router then, you are on the right blog. Router setup is an app where you can customize your router and change in every privacy which makes it much easier. It is providing you with more useful setting tools. You can perform different operations in this app related to your connected WiFi/wireless internet connection. You can change every WiFi setting through this app. Customization of the router in this app is very simple because it is providing you with different tools for easy access. It has another facility for you to access the website directly where you can modify your router setting. Routers setup app is the most used app in the world for customization WiFi. The latest version of this app was updated in June 2021.

You can change your network name and can change your password also. If you have this app in your android mobile then, you have full control authority to customize your router. If you have any doubt that someone else using your WiFi network then, you can block him/her. Router setup allows you to check that how many users are connected with your router network and block them. It’s mean now any unwanted person can access your network without your permission.

If your router is not working properly then, you can reset your WiFi through this app. Overall, if you are using any router network then it is the best android app that you must use.

Click here to download Router Setup Page

Whats Web (Top 5 Best Android Apps)

Whats web is another most useful and popular app for android mobile phones. It is available on google play. The last update was published on google play in July 2021. Its new version is 7.7, which is the powerful version of this app. If you are feeling bored by using default official WhatsApp and want some more. You should download whats web on your android mobile phone. It is providing us with more management tools. If you want to use multiple accounts on your single device then, whats web is only for using multiple accounts on a single device. The best part of this app is that using this app you can promote your business. Yes, this is true that you can increase your business skills and increase product sales using this app.

I am also using this app because it obeys human nature’s law “ want more than more”. So this is providing you with more than more. You can save the status of any contact without using another specific app. You can directly save status with this app. It usually happens that someone texts you but, when you open he/she deletes text before your access. So, in this app when he/she delete text or other media item, whats web store it automatically. You can check these items later whenever you have time. If you like the features of this application then, you can share it with anyone through the share option. Whats web is the best android app that you must use on your mobile phones.

Click here to download Whats Web

Funcalls – Voice Changer & Call Recording

Funcalls allow you to record the call and change your voice whenever you call someone. It has more features like adding special sound effects during the call. It allows you to record long calls in different audio formats. Funcalls allows you to make cheap calls with anyone in the whole world. It is available on the google play store. It has a very simple interface. In this article, I will guide you step by step that, how to use it. First of all, you have to download this app from google play or the given link in this article. After download and installation, you will face simply any classy look of this app. Enter the number of a person whom you have to call. Select the country of this person in this application. Select the sound in which sound you have to call this person.

It is providing you with different sound effects. Different voices are available in this app like man, scary, child, women, low voice, very low voice, high voice, and very high voice. Other more interesting sounds are available like cat voice and dog bark. So, if you want to make any prank call with someone then, you should have this amazing app on your android mobiles. Overall, funcalls is the best android app that you must try at once.

Click here to download Funcalls

Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photo

Reface is a worldwide used app because this was nominated for the user’s choice google play award in 2020. This is the best ever app and most used app in the whole world these days. If you have seen that everybody is replacing their face with heroes and heroines in movies clips on social media. I would like to inform you that these videos were created on reface app. These days it is not much difficult to replace your face with any hero body. You don’t have specific editing skills for this purpose. The best part of this app is that this app replaces face in the video which is the best feature of this app. If you also want to replace your face then you just have to download this app in your androids.

Download this app from google play or the given link in this article. Install in your android mobile. It will be ready to use. You just have to allow some permission and then select a video where you want to replace your face. Select your face pic and generate in videos. Reface is the top best app from the top 5 best android apps.

Reface app is the best android app that you must use at once.

Click here to download Reface App

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