Top 3 Best Beauty Camera Apps For Android

Hi everyone, welcome to my new blog post, and today we are going to discuss the top 3 best beauty camera apps for android. We will also discuss how to download, install and use them. All the important and basic explanations of these apps are here. As we all know, that today’s selfie is a very important part of the day for everyone. If you are using social media and want to capture more interesting and attractive pictures. These pictures will make your personality more attractive and charming. Everyone will like your photo, whenever you will post these pictures on social media as well as you want. You can edit your pictures easily as well as you want to do. Here I want to tell you that these are apps are available on the google play store.

You can download all these best beauty camera apps for android from the given link in this article. There are too many beauty apps on google play for androids, but here I am sharing the best apps. Another amazing thing I want to share with you guys, these apps are free apps. It means you don’t need to pay any amount to take beautiful pictures and selfies. If you want to look and handsome or pretty then you must try these apps to make you more special. Here, I would love to add something that these cameras are useable for android and iOS both types of mobile. You can transfer your whole look from one to another and then see the difference. I am sharing these apps with all of you in high demand.

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Best Beauty Camera Apps For Android

People request me to share the top 3 best beauty camera apps for android. All the photo editing tools are available in these best apps. So, then I decide to share this important with all of you guys. Let’s start the article.


I think in this generation, no one is here who doesn’t know about Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the most famous social media apps and almost everyone is using this app. But I want to tell you that it is not just a social media app. In fact, is an app which is supporting all types of beauty features. Here you will see the feature of the boomerang. All types of love and funny filters are available on Snapchat to make your picture most interesting and attractive. It will make you more practical in social media life and real life. Snapchat is mostly used to share your special memories with your friends and relative. It can share all types of pictures as well as you want to share. But most people use this app, just to take a picture with a different interesting filter.

I am also using Snapchat just as a beauty camera nothing else. It is proving us smoke filter, which is the very important and famous filter. Here you will see the cat, lion, and cap filters in this app. Another best thing about Snapchat is that it has stories features like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. You can share upload stories like other famous social apps to make publicity in this technology world. Snapchat also posts its story and allows you to watch according to your interest. It also contains short videos, which means you can watch a short video as well you want to see. You can follow your favorite persons and content creators on Snapchat. But here we are talking just about the beauty camera. So, the conclusion is this, Snapchat is one of the best beauty cameras powered by high filters.



B612 is another best beauty camera for android. It is also usable for iOS like the Snapchat app. The developers of b612 provided us with all of the best tools, which help us to make pictures beautiful. You can click pictures in different filters and edit them in this app if you want to edit. The developers on b612 update its features after a specific interval. Sweet selfie is also available on google play. You can download this app from the given link and install it on your android mobile to click attractive pictures. It has also another feature of face tune. You can increase and decrease the smoothness. It is also providing the other facility of face cutting in this app to make your picture more attractive. You must download this app if you want to be famous on social media.

The best part about this app is that you can use this beauty app without any paid subscription. You don’t have to pay any extra payment to make it secure as well as you want to do. It allows you to take the best and classy pictures according to your satisfaction and edit them as well as you want. Most of the girls are using this b612 to make their pictures more pretty. The best part about this app is that you can edit your body picture. It helps you to transfer your skinny picture into bodybuilding pictures. I think this one feature is enough to make it more popular than other beauty cameras. I never saw an app like this before that works so smoothly as well as you want to perform.


Candy Camera

Candy camera is one of the best camera app for android to take awesome pictures without any particular lens. All types of makeup filters are available here to take your picture with different makeup looks. For example, you can take pictures with different colors of lipsticks. The best part of the candy camera is, you can click a picture with different eyeliners and shadows. So you don’t have to think much more to download this app. Just click on this given link in this article and get direct access to the candy camera on google play. There are many bright filters are available in the candy camera. Candy camera is one of the most popular app as a beauty camera. You can confuse anyone about your look using the candy camera app. This app is a low-size app, which can fit easily in any type of android mobile.

It doesn’t require high-level storage to install a candy camera. Just download and install the candy camera and enjoy the outstanding pictures and effects. The interface of the candy camera is very simple. Anyone can use this app, just because of its interface and its features.


So that was the best 3 beauty camera apps for android, which I described above step by step. Now you have to choose your favorite app according to your satisfaction

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