Most Useful Apps For Android 2023

Today our discussion is about the most useful apps for android 2023. These few apps are main and important and everybody should have in their apps. Most people from all over the world are using android mobile phones. That’s why I am sharing these most useful apps for android and install in your mobile phones. All the useful apps are android apps. You can easily install these amazing apps on your android mobile phone and enjoy their outstanding features. This collection has every type of app, which you can use for different purposes and operations. Here are the best apps for different purposes like screen recorder, text scanner, background eraser, and useful for other interesting purposes.

They are the most useful android apps you must use and install on your android phones to make your phone most reliable. I am suggesting you these best apps because I am also using these amazing apps to make my work easiest. Here is another reason to tell you about these apps is, that they are the best android apps on the internet. All these most useful android apps are available on the google play store and you should try them at once. You can download these most useful android apps from the google play store. Infect, you can download from the given links in this article also. So, let’s start with these coolest apps.

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Most Useful Apps For Android

Bobble Indic Keyboard – Stickers, Font & Themes

Bobble Indic Keyboard – Stickers, Font & Themes is the first app from most useful android apps you must use. Bobble Indic keyboard – stickers, font & themes is an app, which allows you to chat with anyone in different styles, fonts, and themes. It is a combo package app, which is providing you with unlimited facilities. It is like a stylish tool. You can use the bobble Indic keyboard – stickers, font, and themes for any social media communication apps. This is one app of India but used in different famous countries. It helps you to make different types of stickers like sad, funny, and crazy.

Another amazing thing about the bobble keyboard is that it helps you to make your own photo sticker. After making your own sticker, you can share this sticker with anyone on different communication apps. You just have to click a selfie in this app and convert it into any type of sticker design. Bobble Indic keyboard – stickers, font & themes are different languages supported apps. It is supporting to all languages of India and international language English. Bobble Indic keyboard – stickers, font & themes become more popular and in-demand these days.


  • Emoji keyboard
  • Famous Indian sticker
  • Supporting all emojis
  • Make own stickers
  • Stickers of Bollywood actors
  • Offline and free to use
  • Available on google play


Text Scanner – extract text from images

Text scanner is an app, which helps you to scan text via camera. Text scanner works like a scanner. It allows you to scan the text of different languages. It is supporting 100 + languages and all the international main languages. Text scanner turns your phone into a word scanner device. Text scanner allow you to convert your image into text. The main and important thing about the text app, that it comes with OCR technology. If you also want to convert your image into text then you must use this most useful android app. Now text scanner becomes the need of everyone because everyone wants to change its note page in just text.

As I told you before that, it comes with OCR technology which is the best part of this app. OCR stands for “Optical character recognition” and it recognizes all types of characters and words. This app is good for scanning. You will face a little bit of disturbance of ads from different sponsors. Features of text scanner are amazing. Let’s describe some important features of the text scanner.


  • Scan text
  • Scan text via camera
  • Convert images into text
  • Supporting OCR technology
  • Easy to use
  • Supporting more all main and international language
  • Free for work


Apowersoft Background Eraser – Remove object & bg

Apowersoft background eraser basically works as a background remover. You can remove the background of any type of picture. It helps you to remove the background of different pictures. If you are editing any picture any want to remove the background of this picture. It allows you to change your background with ease. Many apps are available on the google play store, but these apps work online. Apowersoft background eraser is an offline app. It helps you to make your editing more professional and expert. Here, in this app, you can make your own stickers and different types of emojis. It provides you with all types of editing tools, which help you to edit, crop, and do different purposes.

You can make impressive and attractive wallpaper and themes. If you are running YouTube channels or Facebook pages, then it will be more helpful for you. In Apowersoft, you can make attractive thumbnails for your videos and grow your channels. If you will use this app, you will make good-looking thumbnails. Let’s take a look at its features.


  • Fastest background eraser
  • Best photo editor
  • Make your favorite background-color
  • Usable for growing your business
  • Best social media app
  • Easy to use
  • Include all editing tools


DU Recorder

Du Recorder is the best app for screen recording on android. Most of the people used the Du recorder as a screen recorder. There are 27 million-plus downloaders on social media. Here, I want to tell you that it is not available on the google play store. But, don’t worry you can download this app from our given link of this app in this article. Whenever you will click on the link, then it will shift you to other sites where you can download this app. People have given this app five stars, which is the best review. The way to use this app is also very simple and easy. It will record, what your screen looking at.

The main part is that it allows you to set video quality in which quality you have to record. It is providing you with the best recording experience ever. Whenever you are recording video in this app, then you can press on the screen and select anything you want. Du recorder is also available for PC. It doesn’t require too much space in your mobile phone to download and install. On user comment that “it is all in one app”. I have a YouTube channel and I use a Du recorder, whenever I have to record anything on the mobile screen. So, it is easy to make your channel grow. You should install and use Du recorder if you want any screen recorder.


  • Offline screen recorder
  • Best for YouTube channels videos
  • Perform another operation while recording screen
  • Set video quality
  • Record video in your favorite video quality
  • Record video in the rotate style
  • Free version

All in one recorder app


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