How to Show Offline in WhatsApp When I am Online

Today’s topic is how to show offline in WhatsApp when I am offline. It is one of the most important topics and become a serious issue for WhatsApp users. If you are also searching on the internet that how to show offline in WhatsApp when I am online then your answer is here. It is possible to show offline in WhatsApp with the help of a few apps. Many apps are available on the internet to show offline, but I am sharing the best apps with you which specially designed for this purpose. These apps are available on the google play store and you will find them easily. The way to use these apps is also very simple. I am also using them. They help me to show offline in WhatsApp when I am online

WhatsApp is included in most used apps these days. WhatsApp become the daily routine of every internet user. If you are using WhatsApp then you must know about all the privacy of WhatsApp. Show offline in WhatsApp is one of the important privacy for WhatsApp. Most of the users want to show offline when they are online. But, they don’t know that how to show offline your status. Don’t worry if you are facing this problem. Because here I have complete solution of this problem. If you are using the internet late at night and don’t want to show online status, then these apps help you. You don’t want to show your parents and friend that you are online right now, that is very simple.

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How to Show Offline in WhatsApp

There are two main and important apps on google play for this purpose. Apps are “GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last Seen” and “Whats -Bubble chat”. These apps provide you the right way to show offline in WhatsApp when you are online. They are a very simple and good app. All the explanation of these apps is written below step by step.

So let’s start the explanation of the first app.

GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last Seen

GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last Seen is a perfect app to show offline in WhatsApp when you are offline. It is the best app for extra WhatsApp privacy. Most of the users are already using this app because it has amazing features. It needs low space on your mobile screen to install and download. The features of GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last seen are amazing. I describe all the important and main detail of this app written below.


Show offline status when you online

GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last Seen allow you to show offline, whenever you are online and chat with someone. For this purpose, you don’t have to customize the setting of your WhatsApp, which one you are using.

Supported all mods of WhatsApp

The best part of this app is that GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last Seen supports all mods of WhatsApp. It is supporting to different WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp, and many others WhatsApp.

Call anyone without online status

It helps you to make voice and video calls to anybody from your WhatsApp contact without online status. When you call any contact, then he/she can’t see your online status. It will make visible your status.

Free to use

Another amazing feature is that you can use this app without any extra charges and payments. Just download this app, install on android and use it.

Seen messages privately

We can check messages privately without knowing the send of messages with full privacy. The sender will never know that how to read his/her messages without showing online status.

Reply with full privacy

It allows you to reply to anybody who texts you without showing your online status. Your contact will never know that you check his message.

Backup important chat

Another interesting feature is that in this app, you can recover your important messages and pictures. GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last Seen is a recovery tool app also.

Notify when recovering any data

GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp – No Last Seen alerts you whenever it recovers any deleted message from any contact at any time.

Status saver

It also works as a status saver. If you like the status of any WhatsApp contact then it allows you to download this status in just one click.

Direct chat

With the help of this app, you can chat directly without saving the contact of any country’s person. It is the best feature of this app to direct chat with anyone.

Send blank messages

Send a blank message to any contact in WhatsApp. Other apps are not providing this facility of sending blank messages in WhatsApp. In simple WhatsApp when you try to send a blank message, then it doesn’t send this message.


Whats – Bubble Chat

Whatsbubble chat allows you to receive send and read messages without showing offline status. It is an amazing app for texting anyone without showing him/her that you are online. It is a messenger app that allows you to chat with full privacy and for messenger and WhatsApp. In this app, you can reply to anyone directly without opening the contact and user id. It has lots of features that allow you to receive every type of message without showing privacy. If your parent is observing you that you are using the internet at late night, then you can use this app. Using this app can make them confused and they will think you are not using the internet at late night. The best and important thing about this app is that you can make it visible as well as you want.

It helps you to receive messages and text silently and privately as you much you want. This is free to use and does not require any subscription. It allows you to make it able to use for any type of communication app. The features of this app and the first app are almost apps. But it doesn’t allow you to save WhatsApp contact status. To save the status of contacts, you have to download the first app which I have described above. The way to use this app is very simple and perfect. I personally recommend you this app if you want to show it offline to anyone on your contact. In this app, you can send all types of messages to the other user id and make it secure.


  • Applicable for all social communication apps
  • Advanced features
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t demand an extra package
  • No illusion of ads
  • All types of emojis are available
  • Best and stylish wallpapers and themes
  • Maintain all the messages at a place


I hope you will love these best apps

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