How to Get Notification When Someone Online on WhatsApp

Hello everyone, today we will talk about how to get notification when someone online on WhatsApp. Most of the people request me to share information about this topic. If you also want a notification when someone comes online on WhatsApp. So, guys, there are two best apps for this purpose. I research these apps deeply and then decide to share this with all of you guys for your knowledge. If you have any doubt that your children are using WhatsApp at late night. Then you must use these apps because they will notify you when your child comes online on WhatsApp. That is the best way to observe your children and their online period on WhatsApp. If you don’t know that how to use them. Don’t be nervous because here is the complete solution to this problem.

Get Notification When Someone Online on WhatsApp

Here, I am going to discuss the way to use this app. If you have never used this before, then it will help you use with the right way. I would love to share all the information about these apps for your knowledge. These days everyone is using WhatsApp. According to research youngest generation is most affected by WhatsApp. It is possible sometimes, that they are using WhatsApp for any illegal purpose. All the parents should keep an eye on their children’s activities for their bright future. Because this is the responsibility of parents to take care of their children both way physically and mentally. I would love to share two apps, which help you to observe the activities of your children on Whatsapp. It’s not just for observing the children infect you can set your third eye on your friends, relatives, and others.

So let’s start today’s article and see what is they are providing to their users.

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Yansa – tracker for WhatsApp

Yansa is the best tracker app that allows you to get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp. It is the best app, which helps you to get notifications when anyone comes online on WhatsApp. You can say that Yansa is a tracker tool for WhatsApp. Here, I want to tell you that it is only for WhatsApp. But, there is also a good thing that is usable for all mods of WhatsApp. You can track anyone’s activities in your WhatsApp through the Yansa app. Yansa app can use everyone because there is not much difficulty to use in this app. It is also providing a simple interface. Yansa performs its responsibility till you will be offline. It allows you to track 10 contacts at a time. You can choose your notification ringtone in this cool app.

You can use this app for free for a day, after that you have to pay for the Yansa app. It works with the speed of your internet router speed. No one can imagine that how cool this app is. All the features of the Yansa app are very cool. The size of this app is less than other WhatsApp tracking apps, which is just 15M. So, it doesn’t need a particular space to download and install. Yansa app was specially designed for the androids app because most people are using android phones. This app needs a subscription package, but you can use it, to get free coins. Yansa is a secure app ever, which maintains your privacy and protects your data on WhatsApp. I have never seen any app like that because it has lots of features. It notifies you with detail and deep information.


Yansa is a very comfortable and user-friendly app. If we talk about its overall performance, so it performs very good activities. Yansa is a complete tracking tool for WhatsApp. It will show you all the information in detail with the help of its time. It can measure all the time even with the statics of second. The review of the public on the Yansa application is really positive and very well. There are almost 50k persons who download this application and gave it full stars just because of its performance. Another best thing about Yansa is that it is also usable for the telegram app. There is no age restriction to use this app. Anyone can use this app with freedom. It’s default langlauf is English later, you can add other languages.


Fawa: WhatsApp Tracker, Online Tracker

Fawa is another best application that helps you to measure the total time you have spent on WhatsApp and telegram. It is another application that helps you to get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp. If someone hides the last seen on WhatsApp, then it will also show the last seen tracker. The developer of fawa application is Stunware. Stunware is a genius developer, who develop most of the app and add to the google play store. The developer of the fawa develops this program with much effort. The latest version of fawa application is 0.3.9 latest version of the application. The installation of fawa app in android mobile is very easy. In this app, you have to compromise with the ads because there you will see different types of ads.


If you will download this application, then you will get a notification whenever your selected contact will be appear. If you made the time for internet activities, then you can use this app to measure the time on social media apps. You can measure time even in seconds. Let’s discuss another feature which is multiple tracking. You can track maximum numbers on WhatsApp, which is the bight side of fawa app. You can download fawa application for androids and all types of windows running PC. Fawa is supporting all types of local and brands mobiles. There is no doubt that fawa is the best application. The features of fawa application prove that this one is the better application ever for the WhatsApp tracker. I also use this application to make my WhatsApp performance better and detect the contacts.

It also works as a security agent and it protects your family from the internet. I think, these all features of fawa are enough to make it better than other local apps on the internet.


So, there was the 2 best application which helps you to get notification when someone online on WhatsApp. I explained these 2 best applications for you guys. Now you have to decide which one is perfect for you.

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