How To Make Own Photo WhatsApp Stickers

Hi, today I will guide you that how to make own photo WhatsApp stickers. We all know that stickers in WhatsApp become popular these days. Everyone, who uses WhatsApp, saves too many stickers in his/her WhatsApp. You must have seen, that people make WhatsApp stickers and share them with everyone. It is most common these days. If you don’t know that how to make own photo WhatsApp stickers, then don’t worry. Here I will completely guide you about to make own photo WhatsApp stickers. It is very simple to make own photo WhatsApp stickers. Be with me, till the end of this article and I hope it will be more helpful for you.

Many apps are available on the google play store to make own photo WhatsApp sticker. Here, I will share the top 2 apps where you can make own photo WhatsApp stickers. The process of creating stickers on WhatsApp is very easy if you will follow me in this article till the end. You will take it easy with these, however, it is not an easy process. But, will make it easy. I am going to share with you two best-ever apps. If you download these apps on your android mobile. It will help you to do it very easily. You can create different pics stickers like your own photo, girlfriend, wife, children, and friends. These apps are “Background Eraser” and “Personal Stickers”.

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Make Own Photo WhatsApp Stickers

I would like to inform you that, in the process of creating your own photo WhatsApp sticker, you need both apps. If you are thinking that you can create stickers in one app, then you are absolutely wrong. You have to download these two apps for the creation of stickers. Making attractive and professional photo stickers of WhatsApp in a single app is not possible. You have to download both apps in your android to create the most impressive stickers on WhatsApp. Download these apps from the google play store or from the link in this article. So, let’s start with the explanation of these two incredible apps.

I am repeating that your android should have two apps along with this, you can make photo stickers. The first app is ‘Background Eraser’ and the second is ‘Personal Sticker’.

Background Eraser

Background Eraser is one of the finest app, that is implemented to remove the background of any picture. Removing the background of any photo in the background eraser is very simple. I personally use this app to edit my photos for YouTube videos and thumbnails. It has a very good review on the google play store because it includes popular apps for editing. It is providing you with more features. Remover the background of any picture in this app becomes very quick and easy. Its features make it popular worldwide. Background eraser provides you features to edit any type of picture. Review on background eraser on google play is very positive because people love this app.


When you use this app, you can

  • Remove photo background
  • Remove complete background
  • Auto remove picture background
  • Remove picture background by default
  • Erase background accurately
  • Simple interface
  • Free to use
  • Offline app
  • No require subscription
  • No annoying adds

Personal Stickers

Personal sticker is another app you have to install on your android phones to make own photo WhatsApp stickers. It is the perfect app to make photo stickers. It is used all over the world for this purpose. A personal sticker is specially designed by the developers to create a personal sticker. In this app, you can make any picture sticker. Yes, this is possible only in this app. It allows you to create your own sticker in just a few seconds and with one click. It is the only app, which helps you to make stickers in PNG style. It’s a complete solution to the problem of creating stickers. It generates your photos in stickers in less amount of time like a few seconds. Don’t worry if you don’t know that how to do it. I will guide you completely about that. Here are some features of the personal sticker.


  • Easy to use
  • Attractive interface
  • Use offline
  • Free to use
  • Make personal sticker
  • Edit your own photos for the sticker
  • Attractive logo
  • Amazing app
  • Generate sticker from PNG photo
  • Generate sticker in seconds

If you are thinking that how to use these apps, don’t worry I described them very clearly below.

How To Make Own Photo WhatsApp Stickers?

The main part in process of creating a background photo is that how to use this app. So, I would like to inform you here that it is very easy to use. So, let’s explain the use of these apps.

Use of Background Eraser

First of all, download this app from our given link in this article. Download and install on your android mobile phones. Once, you installed this app on your mobile phone, then it is ready to use. Open the background eraser app and allow some permissions to make it responsible to use your gallery. When you open the app, then you will see the option of ‘load a photo’. Once, you click the list of pictures of your gallery will appear on your mobile screen. Select a photo you want to make a sticker. After that, crop your selected photo if you want and click on the ‘done’ option. Then, you have to remove your photo background. For remover background, click on the magic button, remove background accurately and click on the ‘done’ option again. Your edited photo will be saved in your phone’s gallery automatically.


Use of Personal Stickers

The use of personal stickers in android mobiles is also very simple. Everybody can use this app easily because there is no illusion in this app. The interface of personal stickers is very simple. I also use this app to make professional and classy stickers.

Open another application named “Personal Stickers”. After opening this application click on ‘create your new sticker pack’. It will create your new pack automatically. After that, add the picture that has you remove the background with “Background Eraser”. After selecting the photo click on add option. Now you can check that your sticker will be added to your WhatsApp.


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