How To Make Own Name Ringtone 2023

Everybody wants to make a professional ringtone of their names. Therefore they start searching on the internet how to make own name ringtone. So, this blog is for those people who want to make own name ringtone. In this blog, we will discuss the two best applications for android to make a professional ringtone of your name. These applications are FDMR and My Name Ringtone Maker which are the best apps for android users.

These apps help to make professional and attractive ringtones of your names. I recommend trying both apps for making different name ringtones. In the below section we have explained both apps in detail.

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Make Own Name Ringtone


FDMR provides you with the easiest way to find your name ringtone as easily and quickly as you want. This app is effortless. Because if you want a ringtone of your name for mobile, you just have to enter your name in the search box. Then all the ringtones will appear on your mobile screen. Then you can choose your favorite ringtone from the collection of the FDMR app. When you will find your favorite ringtone. You only have to click the download icon appearing on your screen. Then your selected ringtone will start downloading after a few seconds you can check your selected ringtone.

The best part of the FDMR app is that if you don’t want any ringtone from a given collection of FDMR. You can create your own ringtone according to your satisfaction. Overall, the FDMR is the best app for searching for your own name ringtone. Reviews of the user are proof of the FDMR’s excellence. That it is the best app for making the ringtone easily and quickly. Everyone is installing this app, searching, and making their own ringtones according to their satisfaction.

Support Languages

This app helps you to find the ringtones in many languages. Like Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, English, Germany, France, Italian and providing you all languages. it will be automatically select your hometown language. This app is providing the facility to record sound. Also the feature for making the ringtone and converting in mp3, mp4, AAc, WMA, etc. It has a collection of all types of ringtones like iPhone ringtone, romantic ringtone, love, and any type of music. Overall, every ringtone is available on the FDMR app. According to a survey, this app is mostly used by other kinds of people. People who want to make their own name ringtone according to their satisfying text and music

In FDMR we can create a custom ringtone. There are many apps available on social sites like google play store and other platforms for the ringtones. But the FDMR app is the best app for this purpose. FDMR app only needs 1.8MB from your mobile phone or any tablet where you are using this app. This is the smallest space of storage. On the other hand, your ringtone which one you get from FDMR its only needs 152k space.

Click here to download FDMR


  •  Here are some features of the FDMR app written below.
  •  FDMR provides to main features of searching ringtone, secondly creating your name ringtone.
  •  You can add your personal message with your ringtone.
  •  Your time will be secure by using this app.
  •  You can add background music with a ringtone, and the best part is that you can add any music which you like to add with a ringtone.
  •  There will be no disturbance of ads while you are using this app.
  •  This app needs just 1.8MB in size from your mobile memory.
  •  Another benefit is that this app costs nothing because it is totally free.
  •  We can cut and use the songs in process of making ringtones.
  •  If you want the music of any video you can also convert the mp4 into mp3 and also can convert it into FLAC, AAC, mp3, and mp4 which is the best part of this app.
  •  This app will not waste your time while searching ringtones, processing and downloading your ringtones.

How to Use?

  •  Download FDMR from the given link above.
  •  open and allow all permissions.
  •  select “Search Ringtones”.
  •  Enter your name inbox and click on the search icon.
  •  You will see all the collection of ringtones related to your given name.
  •  Select your favorite ringtone and click on “Go To Download”.
  •  Before downloading your ringtone you can listen.

My Name Ringtone Maker

My Name Ringtone Maker is specially designed for those who want to make their own name ringtone with their taste. Like multiple texts and with background music. This app has all the features where you can make your favorite own name ringtone. This app has another benefit. In this, we can create music using any name and also set this ringtone as a caller tune. Not this it has another most useful features

Your ringtones will be saved in the mp3 format and then you can store them anywhere you want. These days everyone wants to be more attractive and wants an attractive personality. For that personality, they choose everything different than the others. Ringtones of cell phones are the part of personalities of any person these days. So, everyone wants attractive ringtones like their own name ringtones. For this purpose, Name Ringtone Maker is the best app where you can make your own ringtones.

Download this app and enjoy a better experience from all the apps.


  •  Easy to use
  •  Simple interface which provides you the best experience
  •  This app cost nothing which means that it is free
  •  It’s not created only your name ringtone but you can create a ringtone of any name
  •  No disturbance of ads
  •  Less usage of time
  •  My Name Ringtone Maker need less amount of internet data which is the best feature of this app
  •  Everyone can use this app like child or old person because there is no difficulty
  •  The size of this app needs low space from your android storage

Overall, using this app it will make your personality more attractive as you want to make it. So, if you are bored by use the original and default ringtone. You want some different ringtones as a caller tune and for another purpose. Just go to google play store in the search engine, download this app and be the different one from another. The link is given below to the article. Just click this link and download this app from the google play store and make your own name ringtone.

How to Use?

  •  Enter your name in the search engine in form of text
  •  Press the search icon to find the collection of your name ringtones
  •  All the collection of ringtones related to your given name will appear on your android mobile screen
  •  Listen and test all the ringtones from the collection and choose your favorite ringtone
  •  Click on your favorite ringtone and press the download icon and it will be downloaded in a few seconds
  •  Like that you can create any ringtone of your any relative or friends name and can set on their mobile

Apps are available on the internet in large numbers to make name ringtones. My Name Ringtone Maker this app is best more helpful and easy to use.

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