How To Change Calling Screen Background

In this modern age, everyone wants to be more efficient and impressive in front of others. They have to be more attractive and choose the thing which suits their personality. These days, this is a trend that change calling screen background. Everyone wants to set the photo on the calling screen background. Most people are using android mobiles because it’s available at a cheap rate. Android mobile phones are best for personal use. So, today I am going to tell you that how to change calling screen background on android. As I inform you that most people are using android mobile phones for personal use. In this blog, I will completely guide you that how to change calling screen background on android. So, you just have to pay your full attention to this article it will provide you with the solution to this problem.

Here I am going to discuss two apps. Using these apps you can easily change calling screen background in android mobile phones. There are two apps mostly used for this purpose. These apps are “HD Phone 7 Full I Call Screen” and “Phone + Contacts and Calls”. You can change totally your calling screen background in Android and set profile photos of contacts. So, let’s start with the information about these two apps.

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Change Calling Screen Background

Phone + Contacts and calls

Phone + Contacts and Calls is an app where you can change calling screen background in androids. If you want that the picture of your contact appears on your screen whenever he/she call you. It is possible because here I am suggesting you the app which will help you to set photos. You can solve your problem using this app. Phone + Contacts and Calls is providing you with the more other features expect it. It is providing more another feature which is need of every user in this fast generation and modern age. We can easily set any picture on our contacts using this app.

You just have to download this app, install it on your mobiles, and use it. It is providing you with a simple interface, where you will not face any illusion. No ads will disturb you here. It will not demand you to give it rates. It is not just providing you the facility of change background it is providing you more than your demand. We all know that as being human nature, everyone wants more than needed. This app is obeying this law and provides you with more than your need. Below I will describe all the features of this app and completely guide you on how it works. So, be with me in this blog till the end and you will pick an experience from this article.


Phone + Contacts and Calls have many features. Using this app, you can enjoy more features and feel a better experience. It allows you to;

  • Change calling screen background
  • Screen recording
  • Attractive ringtones
  • Ongoing and outgoing call with a background picture
  • Back screen call
  • Simple interface
  • No annoying ads
  • Easy to use
  • In international language(English)
  • Never demand to rate this app again and again
  • Fast image speed dial

How does it Work?

First of all, you have to do download this app on your android mobile. The link is available in this blog. So, click on the given link. You will be directly shifting to the google play store. Download and install the setup on your mobile. Open this app, it will be demanded to allow some permission. After that, you will see the option of calling screen, click on this option. Your library will appear on your mobile screen. Select your favorite picture from the default library/gallery. Crop this image if you want to do and click on the done option after all this process. Your picture will be set on your calling screen. You will see your selected image whenever someone calls you.

Click here to download “Phone + Contacts and Calls”.

HD Phone 7 Full I Call Screen

HD Phone 7 Full I Call Screen is another most popular app used for change calling screen background. In HD Phone 7 Full I Call Screen, we can easily change calling screen background. It is almost similar to the app written above. Go to your phone dialer, dialer your number as you always do. But, using this app you will feel like using iPhone 7 or more types of iPhone. You will enjoy the facility of this app of HD callback on messenger, WhatsApp, and other calling platforms. You can record all types of calls like audio and video. Attend incoming and outgoing calls in such a manner you do on your mobile phones.

This app is almost similar to the “Phone + Contacts and Calls”. You can easily block unwanted calls which you don’t want to receive. So, that is a great feature of this app which is need of everybody these days. Because we receive almost everyday blank calls and cheap calls. So, here we can easily block these calls. So, I personally recommend this app for personal use. This app is a complete solution to every problem. You can select your favorite image and set it in the calling screen background. It is providing you with another facility for speed dialing. You just have to dial some first digits of the number, the whole number will appear on the dial engine.


It allows you to:

  • Record screen
  • Speed dialer
  • Change calling screen background
  • Attractive ringtones
  • Easy to change the background
  • No ads
  • Simple interface

All the features of this app are similar to the upper apps.

How does it work?

Simply just have to download this app, install it on your android mobile. Once, you install this application on your mobile then it is ready to use. Open this app the simple interface of this app will appear on your mobile screen. You have to allow some permissions whenever you open this app. If you want to change the background of incoming and outgoing calls. Then, you have to switch the first two options of incoming calls and outgoing calls. To select, the photo from your gallery click on the option “change background”. A new page will appear on your screen and click on the gallery icon appearing on the corner of the screen.

The best part of this app is that you can choose the default pictures of this apps. Open your gallery and select your favorite picture from the gallery. After selecting the picture crop according to your taste and click on the tick option. After this all process, your calling screen will be changed.

Click here to download “HD Phone 7 Full I Call Screen”.

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