How to Set Photo in WhatsApp Home Screen

Today, WhatsApp is the most commonly used application in the world. They make life so easier in the field of communication. Every day WhatsApp launches new features for users. In which one of the best features is to set photo in WhatsApp home screen. Therefore, in this blog, we’ll discuss how to change WhatsApp home screen background.

To set photo in WhatsApp home screen we use three WhatsApp modified versions (GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp & YOWhatsApp). So let’s explain these versions one by one.

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Set Photo in WhatsApp Home Screen Using GBWhatsApp

GbWhatsapp is the most useful app these days. This WhatsApp is another version of the original app. It become most popular and useful because of its features and privacy. GbWhatsapp provides you full privacy as you want. Using this WhatsApp, we can set photo in WhatsApp home screen. This WhatsApp has a list of features. Creators of the original app add more features in this version. If you are using WhatsApp and want to enjoy more features just download GbWhatsapp. They add more features like hiding status view & blue ticks, check accounts, show online status and last seen.

The best part is that these features cost nothing. You don’t have to pay anything for these features. These features are available for you on GbWhatsapp. The best feature which we need is that we can set photo in WhatsApp home screen. You can set any pic of your friends, girlfriend, and relatives on the background of the WhatsApp interface. Overall this app is perfect with its features. If you are using original WhatsApp and don’t want to uninstall then don’t worry. If you have to install two WhatsApp on one mobile, you can download GbWhatsapp and also enjoy the real WhatsApp. All features of GbWhatsapp are written below.

Click here to download GBWhatsApp


Amazing effects: you can add outstanding effecting while you are sharing videos and images

Set photo in home screen: we can set any picture in the WhatsApp home screen according to our satisfaction

Editing: you can edit images and videos while you are sharing with your contacts and unsaved numbers

Hide blue ticks: If you don’t want to show your seen status to your contact, you can hide blue ticks

Live location: you can share recent live locations with anyone in this world using this WhatsApp

Messages history: The best part is that we can check our message history from our contacts and group

Language: With the help of this WhatsApp, you can select any language in given choice of languages

Notification: Another best feature is that you can hide your notifications on your home screen

And here our necessary feature is also available. We can set any type of image in our WhatsApp home screen.

Set Photo in WhatsApp Home Screen Using FMWhatsapp

FMWhatsapp is another version of the original WhatsApp. It also has lots of features. We can set photo in WhatsApp home screen using FMWhatsapp. As we know that this is the modern generation. Everyone wants to contact and communicate with their people. We also know that the WhatsApp app is the king of all communication app. But the question is “why to use FMWhatsapp”. The answer is if you are boring using the default app of the original WhatsApp. As we know according to human nature, we want more. So for this solution developers create the modified version of the original WhatsApp by adding more features.

In FMWhatsapp We can be sent messages, images videos, and other files like simple WhatsApp. But we change the interface of WhatsApp and other experience other more features, which the official app not providing. It is a mod version of the official app. Most people think that using the mod version there is the risk of banning it from the official app. This is not true, many apps are available on social sites which protects you from this risk. The best part of this WhatsApp, we can save the status of any contact directly without any other special app.

This version become a more popular and most used app these days. It’s all because of its features and all the additional functionality. If I talk personally about this app because I am also using this modified and latest version. I experienced many features in this app that I had never used and seen before. The latest version of this app is 14.09. In this new version, developers add more features that are needed of everybody. The name of the developer is FoudMakkad. This new version Is released in 2019.

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FMWhatsapp allows you to:

  •  Change theme according to your satisfaction from your gallery replace the green theme of official WhatsApp
  •  The capacity of thousand of themes from the social site or your default gallery
  •  Customize all your contacts according to your satisfaction
  •  Separation of your groups and contacts
  •  You can turn on your privacy which helps you to hide blue ticks, last seen, and your online status
  •  It is providing you the feature of app lock which keep your data secure from harmful and wrong people
  •  You can add your fingerprint in the app lock and it will be opened by your fingerprint
  •  You can set any picture in the background of the home screen like your friend, girlfriend, and relatives
  •  Send messages and every type of data without saving the contacts
  •  You can pin more up to 100 contacts, but the official app allows you to pin only 3 contacts
  •  It increased your limit while sharing data with someone
  •  You can add 600 recipients to the group and the official app only allow you to add 250 only
  •  You can send more than 50 images at a time to any contact

Set Photo in WhatsApp Home Screen Using YOWhatsapp

YOWhatsapp is another type of WhatsApp. It provides you latest features which are needed of every user. It is a modified version of WhatsApp. This version is updated by the developers of the official WhatsApp. YOWhatsapp is the most popular and useful version of WhatsApp messenger. The best part of this version that it is provides you with a stylish interface. You can customize every contact and your group according to your style. The main part is that using this WhatsApp you can set photo in WhatsApp home screen. This feature is needed of everybody. Everyone wants to set their photos in WhatsApp home screen. YOWhatsapp allows you that feature. The official app does not provide you that feature but the YOWhatsapp has this ability.

You can send photos videos and every type of data in official WhatsApp. But official WhatsApp does not provide you the extra exciting features. To enjoy outstanding and extra amazing features, you have to download YOWhatsapp. In this WhatsApp, you will enjoy a better experience. It will be level up your interest in WhatsApp. We can directly save status without using any particular app. The best feature which we need is that we can set any type of photos on our home screen. You can choose this picture from any social site and your own clicked photo. This is your choice that which type of picture you have to set on the home screen. Go to the main menu and click on the option of change home screen and select your picture on your home screen.

Click here to download YOWhatsApp


This version of WhatsApp has similar features like GBWhatsapp and FMWhatsapp

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