5 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Android

We all know that YouTube is one of the most used and important app for everybody. Streaming online videos on YouTube is common these days. Everyone watches videos on YouTube in their daily routine, collects knowledge, and enjoys it. As we all know that YouTube is not allowed to download the video directly from YouTube to the gallery. If you like any video on YouTube and want to download it for letter use in the gallery then it is not possible. You just can download it in the YouTube library which is temporary. It will be removed after a limited time. But don’t worry here I will tell you about the best YouTube video downloader apps for Android.

More apps are available on the internet in which you can download the videos of YouTube in the gallery. I am damn sure that this article will provide you with the complete solution to this problem. You just have to be with me in this blog it will help you. Here I will discuss the 5 best YouTube video downloader apps for Android. These apps are VidMate, Snaptube, Videodor, TubeMate and InsTube.

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YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android

VidMate – YouTube video downloader app

Vidmate is one of the most popular apps where you can easily download your favorite video in your Android gallery. In this app, you can download any type of video which you like to watch later. Vidmate is executable in all types of Android mobiles. It provides you with a simple interface. This is the most used app for this purpose. It is simple to use. Most of the developers create the same apps which are just similar to an icon.

These apps are similar to just icons and names. But, they are not providing the real features like the original vidmate app. If you want an official app then you can download it from the link in this blog or from any website. Vidmate app is the best YouTube video downloader apps for Android. You can also download various types of videos in a gallery from different Google sites.

The process of downloading this app and downloading the videos is very simple. Here I will properly guide you about all this process. Download this from the given link in this article. Install in your Android mobile. Open YouTube and search for your favorite type of video which you want to download in the gallery. Play the video and click on the share button and then click on vidmate. Select quality of video in which quality you have to download the app. Your selected video will start to download in the vidmate app.

You can check the status of the downloaded video in vidmate. After a few minutes, your selected video will be downloaded then you can check it in your default gallery/library. So I personally recommend you this app because it is the best YouTube video downloader apps for Androids.

Click here to download Vidmate


Videodor is another best and most useful application these days. It is used to download videos of YouTube of different quality and videos from different sites. You can download various types of videos from any legal and illegal site. Videodor is a remarkable and most valuable app for downloading YouTube videos and sites videos. For this purpose, you have to download videodor on your android mobile. It is a very simple app and easy to use. While you are using this app then it will not demand a giving rate to this app again and again. The process of downloading, installing the app, and downloading videos are very simple.

Most of the apps are available on the google play store which any uneducated person can’t use. Videodor is a very simple app and anybody can use this app quickly and easily. It has another most useful feature. It permits you to download and stream the videos directly from this app. You can watch videos of YouTube in this app.

In the videodor app, you can download the videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and etc. Like the vidmate app, videodor is also not available on the google play store. You can download this app from the given link in this article or from any proven site. After downloading select your favorite video click on the share option. Then set the resolution of the video and click on download and wait for a download. Your video will be downloaded after a few seconds in your selected resolution.

Click here to download Videoder


Snaptube is another best platform where you can download videos from different sources. It has a user-attraction interface like other popular apps and sites. You can download videos of YouTube directly from the given search in this app. It will require you to set the resolution of the video, whenever you want to download any type of video from YouTube.

The best part is that you can download videos in audio and mp4 format also. It is not just a video downloader infect, you can stream online videos here. There are many similarities between the snaptube and other YouTube videos downloader. But the point is that why we should choose this app for video downloading from youtube? So the answer is that it become popular due to its features.

It has the facility of ultimate features. It never demands to use of any extra additional plug-in. You will not face any ad disturbance, while you was using this app and downloading any type of video. Snaptube is restricted in India and China. It will allow you to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Overall, I suggest you this app for YouTube video downloading. Link is available in this article.

Click here to download Snaptube


It is yet another YouTube video downloader. The best ever feature of this app is that you can directly save your favorite video on your phone offline. Problem is that it is not supporting downloading the videos in 4k format. You cannot download the original video on YouTube. Its last version was updated on 3 August 2021. It is specially designed for musical video download. The download video from tubemate will not harm any type of Android mobile phone. It has awesome and outstanding features. I would like to guide you that how to download and use this app in a few steps. Here I want to confirm that it is not available on the google play store.

You have to download this app from any site or our given link in this paragraph. Download the TubeMate and install it on your Android mobile. After installation of Tubemate, allow the given permission. To allow manually go to mobile setting, security and then click the unknown sources and switch on the options. Then you can download any video from different sources. It is supporting YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos. Download this app now and enjoy it.

Click here to download TubeMate


It is the most reliable and one of the best platforms for video download from YouTube and other platforms. It is also supporting more sources like other apps explained above in this blog. Stream/watch online videos using Instube. It will not force you again and again to rate Instube. You just have to launch this app and visit all your favorite websites. Find your favorite video which you want to download in your mobile gallery. Set the resolution/quality of the video and start to download.

Video will be downloaded after a few minutes. The speed of downloading video totally depends upon the strength of your internet connection. Its feature is almost the same as other apps which I described above in this article. One problem is here which you have to deal with the ads. Because there is no way to remove these ads permanently. So you will face this problem using this app which is not a big issue. Overall, this app is not the worst app, you should try it at once. The link is available for download this app.

Click here to download InsTube

So, these are the best YouTube video downloader apps. I hope you guys like this article.

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