How To Watch Live TV Channels On Android Phone

As we all know that these days everybody likes to watch live TV channels on android phones. We also know that it is very difficult to install different channels apps on android phones. Because it needs too much space in android to install the different channels application. Today I will guide you about three main applications which you have to install on your android mobile phones. You have to install these applications on your mobile phone if you want to watch live TV channels on android. These applications are LiveNet TV, RedBox TV, and HD Streamz. It will help you to watch more live channels on your android phones without installing different apps.

You just have to install any one app from these given apps which you like most. It will provide you the facility to watch all the channels in just one app. So, that is the best ever feature of these apps that, you can watch all the TV channels live at a time. Here, I will explain everything about these apps like features and process of use.

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Watch Live TV Channels On Android Phone

Live NetTV

LiveNet TV is an app where you can watch live TV channels on your android phones. This app provides you the facility to watch live channels more than 700. which is the best ever part of LiveNet TV. You can watch your favorite movies and shows on any television on the go. Here, I would love to inform you that this app is not available on the google play store. If you want to download this application then, you have to visit the official website. But there is another way that you can download this app from the given link in this blog. These days TV shows and movies are the only way of entertainment in this busiest and boring life. We want to watch our favorite show on tv but, can’t carry tv with us.

For this purpose, I have this application which is the complete solution to your problem. When you will install this application on your android mobiles phone it will become your portable tv. You can carry this tv anywhere in your pocket. You just have to subscribe to the internet bundle if you have to watch live tv channels on android phones. Below I am going to discuss all the processes of download and installation. I will also describe the main features of this app below. So, if you are interested to know more about this app be with me till the end.

Click here to download LiveNet TV


  • Watch live channels, more than 700
  • It never demands description and extra charge, it is totally free
  • News shows, movies, and channels updated on a daily base
  • You can request any favorite channels through this app
  • Supporting more players like MX Player, VLC player, etc.
  • Links are given in its of third party application for users reliable
  • No disturbance of ads
  • Its total size is 24.6 MB
  • Latest version
  • Moreover, millions of downloader

RedBox TV

RedBox TV is another most useful app and it helps you to watch live channels on android mobile phones. It helps you to watch all your shows and movies on different channels. These days the big screen replaces with small screens which mean that tv is replaced with mobiles. You can watch all your tv shows dramas movies and much more live on mobile phones. Redbox tv. It has no limits and supports tv channels in more than up to 20 countries. It is supporting all the main and common channels of 20 countries. The best part of this app is that it allows you to stream all the main international channels.

You don’t have to set your extra antenna setup when your favorite sports start on different channels. Infect, you can stream all your favorite sports directly from your android mobile phones. The developers of Redbox tv update its features and much more on daily basis. It never demands to subscribe to another extra charge. It just demands the internet pack, which is basic for all the stream apps. The features of the Redbox tv make it so popular all over the world. I am going to inform you about the features of this app that pushes you to download the Redbox app. After reading this blog post, you will completely guide that how to watch live channels on androids.

Click here to download RedBox TV

Supported Channels

It is supporting more than 1000 channels from all over the world and from different religions. In these countries, Pakistan, India, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, America, and other more countries are involved. It is providing you with more than your need. If you don’t like to stream video on the default player then, you can switch to another player from your android. You will get enjoyment from different channels. It will entertain all the generations and all the group of ages like first-generation second generation and third generation. Main features of RedBox Tv written below


It will allow you to

  • Steam moreover, 1000 channels
  • Stream moreover, 20 countries
  • Stream all the popular channels and popular shows
  • Switch your favorite player for stream videos like MX Player and VLC Player
  • Entertain all groups of ages
  • Doesn’t require any subscription package
  • No annoying ads
  • Add your favorite channels in your favorite category
  • Select channels from 20 different categories
  • Developers solve your problem whenever you report them
  • It will stream all your videos without any lags
  • Steam your favorite shows on different channels according to your satisfaction
  • 24-hour stream all the 1000 channels

HD Streamz

HD Streamz app is the best ever app where you can watch online channels on an android phone. It will give you the opportunity to stream channels from all over the world and Pakistan. The best part of this app is that you can also access the radio which, is a great feature. All your favorite reality shows, dramas, cartoons, and movies are available in this app. Along with that, you can watch your favorite games on the HD Streamz app like football, tennis, archery, cricket, and much more. Every Hollywood and Bollywood web series, drama, show, and movie stream here all day and weeks. So, this is the best ever app for online stream. You will never be disappointed whenever you will use this app.

It streams music from all over the world. It covers all dance singing and action shows of the whole popular and common show. Just not that you can watch and listen to any country’s national news tv and international channels BBC and CNN. It is the duty of the developers of HD Streamz to provide your legal recommendation. They update HD Streamz on an almost daily basis and sometimes on a weekly basis. Overall, HD Streamz Is the best ever app to watch online tv channels on android phones. Some main and important features of HD Streamz are written below.

Click here to download HD Streamz


  • Streams moreover, then 1000 channels from all over the world
  • Never demand any charges
  • Stream Radio all the day
  • Supporting external player
  • Supporting other channels links
  • Updated on monthly basis almost

Also supporting all the features of apps which are written above

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