10 Best TV Series Based on Hacking and Technology

In an era dominated by the digital revolution, television creators have taken inspiration from the world of technology, coding, and hacking. These TV series not only entertain but also shed light on the thrilling and often mysterious world of cyber warfare, technological advancements, and innovation. In this article, we will explore the best TV series based on hacking and technology.

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The Fascination Behind Technology Series

There’s an undeniable allure to the tech world. The rapid evolution, the infinite possibilities, and the thrilling suspense of hacking sequences. But what makes them so captivating?

Why do audiences love tech dramas?

Imagine being able to control everything with just a few keystrokes. Sounds powerful, right? Tech dramas encapsulate that power. They showcase intellect over brute strength, wit over might. It’s a game of chess but in the digital realm.

Best TV Series Based on Hacking and Technology

Dive into the virtual universe with these mind-bending, adrenaline-pumping series.

CSI: Cyber

CSI Cyber

CSI: Cyber stands out as a significant entry in the roster of TV series focusing on hacking and technology. Spearheading the show is the formidable Special Agent Avery Ryan, a CyberPsychologist who takes on the challenging role of deciphering the intricate minds of hackers and cybercriminals for the FBI. Drawing on her unique expertise, Ryan dives deep into the digital abyss, attempting to map the brain patterns, motivations, and behaviors of these online perpetrators.

What sets this series apart from its contemporaries is not just its thrilling chase scenes or advanced tech tools, but the psychological layer added by Ryan’s character. Each episode unfurls with intricate plots and unexpected twists, making viewers question the fine line between genius and malevolence. The series, while being deeply rooted in crime-solving, offers a nuanced look into the psyches of those who operate in the shadows of the internet, making it a must-watch for those intrigued by the intersection of technology, crime, and human nature.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd stands as one of the most iconic television shows that delve into the world of technology and hacking, albeit through a comedic lens. Airing from 2006 to 2013, the series successfully ran for eight years, garnering a significant fanbase and critical acclaim. Set in the bustling basements of Reynholm Industries, a fictional mega-corporation, the show focuses on the daily escapades of its IT department.

Roy and Moss, the tech-savvy duo, are often found navigating the quirks of their mundane technical jobs, while Jen, their supervisor with little to no IT knowledge, adds a layer of hilarious complexity to their dynamic. The IT Crowd uses the tech backdrop to craft comedic situations, occasionally sprinkled with moments of genuine hacking exploits.

Although the series primarily thrives on the humorous interactions and cultural misunderstandings between the characters and the technophobic upper echelons of the company, it also does not shy away from showcasing the intricacies of the tech world.

Amidst the laughter and the absurdities, there are instances where Roy and Moss employ their hacking skills, both ethically and questionably, to resolve dilemmas or further the plot. What makes The IT Crowd particularly special in the realm of tech-based TV shows is its ability to balance humor with subtle nods to real-world technological challenges, all while painting a vivid picture of the often underappreciated world of IT support.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot undoubtedly stands tall as one of the most insightful and riveting television series that delves deep into the intricacies of hacking and technology. What sets it apart is its authentic portrayal of the world of cyber-security, drawing millions of viewers worldwide into the labyrinthine web of modern digital espionage.

The narrative brilliantly intertwines technology and psychology, unveiling a gripping story of Elliot, a prodigious programmer who balances his daytime role as a cyber-security engineer with a nocturnal persona as a justice-seeking vigilante hacker.

Under the auspices of an elite hacker group, they orchestrate a series of sophisticated cyber-attacks, wielding computers, smartphones, and an array of digital tools as their weapons, all with the lofty aim of toppling nefarious corporations. All the while, they maintain an elusive anonymity, making them both heroes and phantoms in this digital age.

The series not only offers thrilling technological plots but also delves into the psychological toll and moral quandaries faced by those who operate in the shadows of the internet. Viewers are granted a front-row seat to the mental and emotional battles Elliot confronts, making Mr. Robot much more than a simple hacking saga. It transcends genres, emerging as a thought-provoking commentary on society’s increasing dependence on technology, the blurred lines between right and wrong in the digital realm, and the fragility of identity in a world dominated by screens.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley masterfully merges the realms of technology and comedy, painting a vivid picture of the frenetic and often unpredictable landscape of the modern tech industry. Set against the backdrop of the tech mecca itself, the series delves into the cutthroat world where innovation is king, and competition is relentless.

What sets “Silicon Valley” apart is its humorous take on the dichotomy of success in the industry: those seemingly best equipped to rise to the top, with their vast knowledge and qualifications, often grapple with the complexities of success, while the underestimated underdogs find ways to triumph. This comic touch not only entertains but also offers a critical reflection on the paradoxes that riddle the world of technology.

Now running for its third successful year, Silicon Valley is a testament to the genius of its creators, drawing inspiration from co-creator Mike Judge’s personal experiences as a Valley engineer during the 1980s. The show skillfully balances humor with insights, offering viewers both laughs and a unique perspective on the tech world. Whether you’re a techie or just someone looking for a good chuckle, Silicon Valley promises an engaging watch that leaves you both amused and enlightened.

Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Person of Interest stands out as one of the most compelling TV series centered on technology and hacking, seamlessly intertwining the intricate world of artificial intelligence with gripping storytelling. The series revolves around Harold Finch, a genius programmer, who creates ‘The Machine’ – a highly advanced AI with the capability to predict crimes before they happen.

This unique blend of technological prowess and crime-fighting thrusts viewers into a world where machine learning intersects with moral dilemmas. The show doesn’t merely delve into the technicalities; it immerses the audience in a roller-coaster ride of emotions with its unexpected plot twists, sharp-witted humor, and riveting suspense.

Beyond the codes and algorithms, Person of Interest poignantly raises existential questions about surveillance, privacy, and the ethical implications of AI. For tech enthusiasts and thriller aficionados alike, the show offers a chilling, yet exhilarating, glance into the potential future of our technologically-driven society.



“Scorpion” stands as a beacon among TV series that delve into the worlds of hacking and cutting-edge technology. At its core, the series offers an intriguing narrative where an eccentric genius, Walter O’Brien, harnesses his unparalleled intellect not for personal gain but to form a dynamic collective of super-geniuses. This assemblage, named “Team Scorpion,” is driven by the noble endeavor of safeguarding humanity against the multifaceted and often arcane threats that the modern world perpetually brings to the fore.

The genius of Scorpion lies not just in its thrilling depiction of cyber-espionage, high-stakes hacking, and technological wizardry, but also in its humane touch. The relationships, vulnerabilities, and personal struggles of the team members infuse the show with emotional depth, ensuring that it isn’t merely a spectacle of technological prowess.

As they grapple with challenges that range from averting global catastrophes to deciphering the enigma of human emotions, Team Scorpion consistently demonstrates that while technology can be a tool for great good, it is the human spirit, camaraderie, and determination that truly make the difference. With its impeccable balance of adrenaline-pumping tech action and heartwarming moments, Scorpion undeniably ranks among the best TV series based on hacking and technology.



Betas is an insightful foray into the intricate world of Silicon Valley, a place brimming with brilliant minds, unparalleled innovation, and fierce competition. As one of the most realistic portrayals of hacking and technology on the small screen, the series delves deep into the trials and tribulations of tech entrepreneurs, offering viewers a genuine look at the challenges they face.

Centered around a group of talented geeks, the plot revolves around their quest to develop a groundbreaking social networking app. This isn’t just any app; it’s designed to connect users with people they should ideally know, merging the boundaries of technology and organic human connections.

Through its nuanced characters and authentic representation of the tech industry, Betas stands out not just as a tech series, but as a profound narrative about ambition, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of innovation in a competitive world.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror stands as a profound testament to the modern age’s anxieties and uncertainties surrounding technology and its pervasive role in our lives. The show, created by Charlie Brooker, is an anthology series that offers viewers a piercing look into alternate realities where technology has been twisted, oftentimes revealing its darker and unintended consequences.

Each episode is an independent narrative, presenting an array of dystopian futures where innovations in tech, though designed to simplify and enhance human experiences, end up complicating and, at times, corroding the very fabric of society. From issues of digital privacy, virtual realities, and artificial intelligence, to our dependencies on social media and the constant thirst for validation, Black Mirror is a mirror indeed, reflecting our deep-seated fears of where we could potentially head if not wary.

It’s a gripping watch for anyone intrigued by the rapid technological advancements of our time and the potential ramifications they hold for our society. If the incredible pace of innovation makes you apprehensive, this series will resonate deeply, offering cautionary tales that are as thought-provoking as they are unsettling. Highly recommended, Black Mirror is not just a TV show; it’s a contemplative experience on the precipice of technology’s limitless potential and its potential pitfalls.



Intelligence stands as a paragon in the pantheon of TV series centered on hacking and technology. The series delves deep into the intriguing world of high-tech espionage, showcasing a unique blend of human vulnerability and the vast power of the digital age. At its core is a detective who, through the integration of a sophisticated computer microchip in his brain, bridges the chasm between man and machine.

This revolutionary enhancement catapults him to an unprecedented level of cognitive prowess, making him the first human ever to tap directly into the inexhaustible reservoir of the global information grid. As he navigates a realm riddled with codes, digital footprints, and virtual adversaries, Intelligence masterfully captures the entwining of human emotions with the cold logic of technology.

It’s a gripping narrative that not only spotlights the potentials and pitfalls of such advancements but also kindles introspection on the very definition of humanity in an increasingly digital world.



Arrow, which aired from 2012 to 2020, seamlessly intertwined the world of tech-savvy operations with vigilante justice, offering viewers a thrilling rollercoaster of action, drama, and innovation. The show centers around Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy whose life takes a drastic turn when he’s presumed dead after his yacht goes missing.

Five years later, Oliver resurfaces, but he is not the same reckless heir that Starling City remembers. Now armed with unparalleled archery skills and a mission to eradicate corruption, he adopts the mantle of The Arrow. What makes Arrow stand out in the realm of tech-based TV series is its portrayal of an ensemble cast that employs cutting-edge technology, hacking, and inventive solutions to aid Oliver’s quest for justice.

Felicity Smoak, one of the standout characters, exemplifies this with her impeccable hacking abilities and tech expertise, often proving to be the backbone of Team Arrow. The series skillfully blends the intricacies of technology with deep-rooted human struggles, highlighting the lengths to which individuals can go when powered by conviction and the right tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which series provides a comedic take on tech startups?

Silicon Valley provides a comedic perspective on the ups and downs of tech startups.

Is “Black Mirror” about hacking?

Not specifically. “Black Mirror” delves into potential futures of technology, with some episodes touching on hacking concepts.

Which TV series is set during the tech boom of the 80s and 90s?

“Halt and Catch Fire” is set during this era, showcasing the personal and professional revolutions of the computer industry.

Does “Chuck” focus on a professional hacker?

No, “Chuck” is about a regular guy who inadvertently gets spy secrets downloaded into his brain.

Are all these series based on true stories?

While inspired by the tech world, not all of these series are based on true stories. However, they capture the essence and challenges of the digital age.

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