How to install Play Store in Laptop or PC

Hello Guys, welcome to my first post on the new blog. Today we are going to discuss how to install Play Store in laptop or pc. We know that the Play Store is widely used on Android phones to install Android apps and games. But many of people are want to use the Play Store on their computer and laptop. So here we are talking about how to download and install Play Store in laptop.

After installing the Google Play Store on your laptop you can easily enjoy Android apps and games on your computer. For installing the Google Play Store on your laptop you have to install an Android emulator. Without any Android emulator, you can not use the Play Store on your laptop and computer. The most common Android emulators are BlueStacks, Nox Player, LDPlayer, KoPlayer, MeMu, and PrimeOS.

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How to install Play Store in Laptop

Install Play Store Using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is easy to run and execute the different types of Android apps on your laptop and pc. It provides an easy way to access Android apps. Everybody can use BlueStacks who have even not used any Android emulator before on their laptop and pc. This program developed a virtual device, that we can maintain and manage easily from its main menu. It helps you to install different types of Android quickly. After installation, you can enjoy them on your laptop.

When you install it at once on your laptop, it will allow you to run and execute any Android apps. You can also play games on your laptop and it will provide you with real and better-quality graphics. You will enjoy a better experience than your mobile. Because the screen will be large and you will enjoy it more as compared to your mobile screen.

Not just that using this software we can record our screen in HD quality. It provides the other benefit that we can share images from our computer to the social network. It is only possible with the help of BlueStacks. That is a great source for all of them who want to do their work on PC. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the music while you are using another app. The amazing thing about the BlueStacks, is that it has different control options.

Click here to download BlueStacks

Install Play Store Using Nox Player

Nox player is another type of Android emulator. This player is the most commonly used Android emulator all over the world these days. Nox player is a free android emulator which is specially designed for special people. It is for those who want to run the different types of apps and games. The games like Pubg, Freefire, Clash of Clans, and GTA (grand theft auto)5, are based on 4.4.2. are executable on Nox player

Another great feature of the Nox player is that it’s providing us the control customization. We can maintain and manage anything from its main menu. When launching any app you can manage and create in your way quickly and easily. Nox player is the most powerful type of Android emulator.

Nox player is very light and can be easily managed in low storage systems (2GB ram). There are many free emulators are available on different social sites, but this emulator is reliable among those emulators. This emulator is very easy to use and this interface is very simple. Nox Player helps to run all types of Android apps. Some important Android apps are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Skype, Imo, MX Player, VLC Player, and much more applications. This emulator provides us with a high resolution of games and graphics will not be distorted.

Click here to download Nox Player

Download Play Store Using LDPlayer 

Ldplayer is another type of Android emulator, which is very easy to run and use. You can play and enjoy the different online games and can level up your experience and your skills in gaming. Ldplayer has its advantages and objectives like custom control, Multi-instance sync, Macros scripts, and High FPS/Graphics. LdPlayer is assumed less amount of MB and can be installed easily and quickly. The person using the Ldplayer becomes a specialist in mapping and gaming. This app only needs almost 315mbs, which is a very low amount from the internet bundle.

There is many differences between Ldplayer and other types of Android emulators. It is providing Android 5.1, on the other hand, all the Android emulators are offering just Android 4.4. Android 5.1 provides us a better gaming zone. In this gaming zone, we can play and enjoy the games in high resolution and ultra HD graphics. Which is a great benefit of Ldplayer.

The interface of Ldplayer is almost similar to Nox player, one of the most popular Android emulators. The process of installation of LDPlayer is very easy, first of all, just click the orange button. Once you have installed the app (LDPlayer) change the language from its main menu, move on to the second tab, and choose the last option.

Click here to download LDPlayer

Install Play Store Using KOPlayer

KOPlayer is another most used and powerful type of Android emulator. It allows you to enjoy and play all your favorite mobile games and application on your pc and laptop. The best part of KOPlayer is that there is no need to configure anything. You just install it at once it will be completely ready for use. Later you can start browsing from your pc and can download all your favorite mobiles application and games. There is another benefit of KOplayer that it makes the process of installation quick and easy. It is the fastest compared to the other Android emulators, which is the best part of this emulator.

This emulator increased and leveled up the experience of the user. Users can also access and enjoy the applications and games of more than one million hot apps. If the user is a gamer he can take screenshots and also can screen recording. KOPlayer emulator also provides the feature of using the gamepad for gaming and different purpose. You can also chat with anyone in the whole world by using the keyboard.

Overall, the KOPlayer is the perfect Android emulator which provides you with high and overwhelming features for gaming. Another best part of the emulator is that it provides the facility of control customization. You can configure your keyboard while you are gaming and can adjust your keys according to your customization.

Click here to download KOPlayer

Download Play Store Using MeMu

MeMu Play is one of the most powerful and commonly used emulators which provides lots of features for the user. This emulator is specially designed for the gaming experience and provides the best gaming zone. In this emulator, we don’t have to maintain and configure the complicated setting. By comparing to the other Android emulators in MeMu the process of installation of different applications and games is much easy and simple. But on the other hand, the installation of applications and games in other emulators is a little bit different and difficult.

The process of installing the games and applications is not easy. But, in MeMu the customization of control is already set up which means you just have to install and enjoy the games. MeMu Play emulator has the level of specialties, objectives and the attributes, and customization. So, overall the MeMu Play emulator is the most beneficial.

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