How to Use Mobile Phone as CCTV Camera

Hello and welcome to this amazing blog post where I am going to tell you that how to use mobile phone as CCTV camera. This is a very important topic and everyone should all important things related to this issue. The process of converting mobile in CCTV will be easy for you if you will follow these given steps carefully. As we all know that CCTV is a need of every house, shop, and institute these days. Crime is increasing everywhere all over the world these days. So, CCTV is a need of every private and public place. But, it will be better if you will change your old smartphone to a CCTV camera and make it useful. CCTV protects our places everywhere and every time. You can say that CCTV works as a security guard. You can set CCTV cameras anywhere as well as you want.

If you are deciding to use mobile phone as CCTV camera, then you are thinking well. If you have any old mobile phone then you can convert this useless phone into useful CCTV at different places. Here I have two apps for you, which help you to use mobile phone as CCTV camera. These super cool apps have lost of functions. These apps allow their user to perform different operations for mobile as CCTV cameras. Both apps are best for those who want to turn their phones into CCTV cameras. If you convert a mobile into a CCTV camera, it will set a permanent eye on your place and protect it. So, let’s take a look at these incredible apps and get more information. I am going to teach you that how to use mobile phones as wireless CCTV for different places.

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I am going to share the 2 easiest ways to convert your old phone into a useful CCTV camera. I described all the basic things about this application to increase your knowledge and experience. So, you don’t need to go anywhere for its knowledge because of all the basics here about these apps.

Use Mobile Phone as CCTV Camera

WiFi Webcam

WiFi Webcam is very useful and famous due to its functions. The best part of this app is that it works offline. You can use this app as a CCTV camera without the internet which is an excellent benefit of this application. WiFi webcam is a free tool app. More versions are available of this app. It has only 5.4 MB size only and you can install and use it easily in every type of android. You have to follow a few steps and then can install it on your mobile phone. You need two devices. The first one is your phone which you want to use as CCTV and 2nd is your device and which may be a laptop, mobile, and anything. Now you have to download a WiFi webcam on both devices and then open this application. Press start n 1st device and then press on creating a room.

Then, open the 2nd device and click on join room. After this, you need to put the same IP address which is given on 1st device. Whenever you will put IP address, it will show you another screen and then click on “go”. After that, your mobile’s CCTV is ready to use anywhere and at any place. Now let’s talk about the look of this app which is very simple. A common user can understand this app very easily. The interface of this app shows the experience of the developer. The developers create this app very professionally for their users. It doesn’t need an internet connection. You can say that it works like Bluetooth. It is possible to use when you will be in the region of another device. Otherwise, you can’t use a mobile as CCTV. Let’s move on to the second way to use mobile as CCTV.

Just remember one thing that this application must be installed on both devices. WiFi webcam is available on google play store and you can download it from the link also. It will provide you the direct access to this application from the google play store. Please review us that how much you like this application after use.


IP Webcam

IP webcam is the second-best app that helps you to use mobile as CCTV in your home and place. IP webcam makes your mobile able to work like CCTV. The best part of this application is that you see the videos of this 1st device from anywhere you want to see. Here I want to tell you one more important thing about an IP webcam that it always needs an internet connection. IP webcam requires a 4.1 version of android. The total size of this application is 21 Mb, which is less amount of size. You can easily execute this application in every type of android. This application is a bit little big in terms of size than the first application. The review of this application by the public is very positive because everyone likes this application very much.

This is the only way to use a mobile as CCTV camera with the internet. After connecting at once you can watch the CCTV at any time. IP webcam is offered by Pavel Khlebovich. It is from Russia. It is published in October 2020. The developers of this software update after a specific interval. Most people are using this application because they can use it without any difficulty. You just have to put the same IP address and then it will be ready to use. My favorite thing about this application is that there is no disturbance of ads. All types of ads are banned in this application. So you can use it without any disturbance and illusion. It depends upon you that how much you like this application whenever you will use it. Third-party ads are also not allowed in this special software.

Not just that, it is available on the google play store also. But you don’t need to visit the google play store. Because you can download the IP webcam from the given link in this article section.


Please review your valuable opinion about these amazing apps.

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