How to Chat in English on WhatsApp 2023

Almost 50% of people in the world are illiterate and uneducated. But WhatsApp is commonly used in both educated and uneducated people. But there is a problem with uneducated people when they are communicating in English on WhatsApp with anyone. Therefore, they start searching on the internet how to chat in English on WhatsApp.

Don’t worry here is a simple solution for those people. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to chat on WhatsApp in English. After reading this blog everyone can easily chat in English on WhatsApp. For chat in English on WhatsApp, we use two methods. In the first method, we use gboard & google translate apps and in the second method, we use the hi translate app.

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Chat in English on WhatsApp Using Gboard & Google Translate

Google Translate

These days everyone wants attractive and an impressive personality. Because this is the modern generation and everyone want to be a modern and more attractive personality from the others. Communication and conversation is essential and beautiful part of someone’s personality. Everybody wants to communicate with someone in many languages which makes their personalities more impressive and attractive. Everybody can’t chat in different languages because they are not educated as other educated people. So, we have a solution to this problem. That we can chat with someone on the internet (communication social sites) on WhatsApp and other platforms. 

Google translate is an app where we can chat in English on WhatsApp easily and quickly. This app provides you with a fast way to chat with someone on any application. These applications are WhatsApp, Snapchat, Imo, Messenger, Skype, Twitter, simple text messages. The other apps where we can chat with someone all over the world. The best part of google translate that it is provides the facility of 108 languages. We can chat in 108 languages all over the world which is the best part of the Google Translate app.

Another most powerful and most useful feature of Google Translate is that you can chat offline. There is a large number of apps are available on the google play store. These apps are not providing the facility of offline chatting in many languages. Don’t worry because this app is providing you with that facility where you can chat offline with your friends. For example clients, and your relatives all over the world which is the best app of Google Translate.

Google Translate app was developed by Google. It is a neural machine translator which generates your words in your given language to your selected language.

Click here to download google translate


Allow your

  • Microphone for record your voice
  • Camera for translation of words via camera
  • Text message for converting into different languages
  • Storage for storing and saving the data


Gboard is a virtual keyboard. It was developed by Google & firstly released in 2016 (6 years ago). Basically, it was a new update of the already published Google Translator app. This is a very useful app. It helps you to find the emojis, GIFs, and words quickly as well as u want. The best part is that it suggests the next suitable word according to the context and your written sentences.

Gboard has additional functionality. Like emojis GIF, dark theme and then we can set personal image behind the keyboard with full privacy. Your background image will be secure and it not will be published on the internet. This app provides you the full security and privacy

At the time of launching this app, it was supported in more than 100 languages. Then google stated that they will be adding more language. After some months in 2019, it was added more languages almost 916. In 2017 new update was added in this app that you can draw an emoji and word by using your hand. To translate the word you have to hold on to the mic button and speak. It will be translated to your given data to the Gboard translate engine.

When it was developed this app was just supported the English language. In the new update, Gboard starts to support unlimited languages more than 100. In 2018 this app become one of the most popular apps because it hits 1 billion downloads. Which made this app the most used app all over the world. It was firstly released for iOS and then Gboard was published for android. At the time of its release, everyone was sure that it will become one of the most popular. Gboard has the coolest features, as well as everybody, wants in every app.

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  •  Easy to use
  •  Suggest emojis and GIF
  •  Recommend next word according to context
  •  Easy and quickly searching and sharing your searched data
  •  Supporting more than 900 languages of all over the world
  •  Supporting to iOS and all types of androids
  •  Providing the facility of hand-drawn text and emojis
  •  Translate word by the camera via using the camera
  •  No annoying ads
  •  Google supported app
  •  Update again and again after some months
  •  Simple interface which provides you the best experience

Chat in English on WhatsApp Using Hi Translate

Hi Translate

Hi Translate app become the popular and most favorite app of people. It converts your chat easily and quickly in your selected language. This app is totally easy to use and comfortable because it provides you with a simple interface. Where you can enjoy a better experience than the other apps. Whenever you are busy but you must have to reply to someone. But you haven’t enough time for typing the text and send it.

So, here are talking about the solution of your this problem. Today we are going to discuss an app that will help you with this problem. It provides you the facility of generating your text in English, Hindi, Arabic, and many other languages. We can use this app in an emergency, whenever you are traveling and busy in business affairs. It will help you to convert text and chat in your selected language.

Just be comfortable with your language translator app Hi translate. Anybody can use this app like children old and uneducated people. Because it is providing you with a simple interface where you will not face any illusion and disturbance. The best part about is app is that it will be not recommend you ads compared to the other app. It also converts your given voice in your selected language, which is the best feature of this app. I recommend this app to everybody. Just download this app and enjoy its features.

Click here to download Hi Translate


  •  Text translation (you can translate your text in your selected languages)
  •  Voice translation (your voice will be converted into your selected language)
  •  Image translation (take a picture via the camera of text and press the button it will translate in other languages)
  •  Low data of internet and highly translation
  •  The simple interface where you will not face illusion
  •  Offline translation (you can translate your chat without the internet)

How does it work?

Download this app from the google play store on android mobiles. Type Hi Translate in the search box of the play store. You will find the Hi translate app, download this app and install it in your androids. When you will install this app you have to follow these steps.

  1.  Allow the given permissions
  2.  Switch the button on
  3.  Select language (which you know very well like Hindi, Urdu, and others)
  4.  Open your WhatsApp (any app where you want to chat in English)
  5.  Click the app displaying in the corner on your mobile screen
  6.  Speak in your language which you know very well
  7.  Copy converted data and paste on WhatsApp (type text message)

Be confident with your language translator app Hi Translate.

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