10 Best Free Invoicing Apps For Android

Ever been on the go and realized you needed to send an invoice right away? With smartphones becoming indispensable tools for businesses, having an invoicing app on your Android device is like carrying a portable billing department. Let’s dive into the world of the best free invoicing apps for Android.

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Best Free Invoicing Apps For Android

QuickBooks Online Accounting

QuickBooks Online Accounting

The QuickBooks Online Accounting app by Intuit Inc. stands out as one of the best free invoicing apps for Android, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline small business management. From logging miles to generating invoices, maintaining financial records, and monitoring cash flow, this app provides a robust set of tools to support entrepreneurs on the move.

With the ability to track profit and loss reports, manage expenses, and oversee invoice statuses, QuickBooks Online Accounting ensures that small business owners can efficiently organize their workday finances while on the go. Trusted by a vast community of over 5.9 million small business owners worldwide, this app proves that you don’t need to be a tax accountant to effectively budget, track, and maintain your financial transactions.

By delivering accessible accounting solutions and insightful business reports, QuickBooks simplifies the complexities of small business bookkeeping through its user-friendly cloud-based platform, ultimately empowering entrepreneurs to manage their ventures effortlessly.

Invoice Simple: Invoice Maker

Invoice Simple

The Invoice Simple: Invoice Maker app developed by Invoice Simple is considered one of the premier free invoicing apps available for Android users. This powerful tool empowers individuals and burgeoning businesses by offering a seamless platform to generate and dispatch professional invoices, estimates, and receipts on the fly. Catering to the demands of modern entrepreneurs, it’s the ideal solution for those seeking to create essential documents while engaging directly with their clients.

The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that you can swiftly generate documents during meetings or on location, elevating your professionalism and efficiency. Designed with the needs of expanding enterprises in mind, the Invoice Simple app offers an array of features that enhance your invoicing experience.

Whether you’re a freelancer, contractor, or small business owner, this app provides a straightforward mechanism for creating swift estimates, invoices, and receipts. What’s more, the app delivers polished and sophisticated invoices that can be sent directly from your mobile device, reflecting your commitment to professionalism. For those looking to streamline payment processes, Invoice Simple offers an easy avenue for accepting online payments, eliminating the need to chase down paper checks.

Easy Invoice Maker App

Easy Invoice Maker App

The Easy Invoice Maker App by Bookipi stands out as one of the premier free invoicing apps for Android, exemplifying excellence with its #1 Award Winning recognition. Catering to the needs of more than 600,000 small business owners and freelancers spanning across 179 countries, this app emerges as the ultimate solution for crafting and dispatching professional invoices and estimates to clients.

The app’s user-friendly interface ensures effortless tracking of income, items, and customers, streamlining financial management. With the capability to generate invoices on the go, the app truly lives up to its promise of being the easiest professional invoice generator.

Notable features include the option for clients to conveniently sign documents via device screen or email, with these signed documents securely stored in the cloud. Additionally, the ability to generate PDF reports for invoices, estimates, and payment summaries enhances the efficiency of accounting and bookkeeping, allowing easy organization based on criteria such as month, customer, or item.

Invoice2go: Easy Invoice Maker


Invoice2go: Easy Invoice Maker app, developed by Invoice2go from BILL, stands out as a top-tier choice among the best free invoicing apps for Android. Seamlessly combining invoicing and payment acceptance, Invoice 2go simplifies financial management for businesses. With the added feature of Invoice 2go Money, users can effortlessly monitor payments and expenditures in a centralized hub.

Trusted by small business proprietors across more than 160 countries, Invoice2go is renowned for its ability to dispatch polished invoices and estimates to clients. Empowering small businesses, the app’s invoice maker facilitates the creation of professional invoices, estimates, and receipts.

Acting as a portable office, Invoice 2go enables comprehensive business administration on the go, encompassing invoicing, billing, estimates, quotes, websites, and even time tracking. Whether you’re an independent contractor, freelancer, or a small business owner from various fields, Invoice2go caters to your needs, ensuring simple yet sophisticated mobile invoicing solutions.

Zoho Invoice – Billing app

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice – Billing app stands out as a premier billing app developed by Zoho Corporation, securing a prominent place among the best free invoicing apps for Android users. This online invoicing powerhouse offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for freelancers and small business owners, facilitating the creation of polished and customized invoices.

With Zoho Invoice, the invoicing process becomes a breeze, allowing users to design professional invoices swiftly by leveraging a collection of ready-to-use templates. These templates not only streamline the creation process but also enhance brand representation, nurturing customer trust and incentivizing prompt payments.

One of the standout features of Zoho Invoice lies in its capability to foster transparent communication and seamless collaboration with clients. The app empowers users to send estimates containing quotes and discounts, providing clients with a clear understanding of project costs before the invoicing stage. This approach cultivates a sense of mutual understanding and agreement, ensuring that both parties are aligned before formal billing.

Moreover, Zoho Invoice serves as a versatile financial companion by not only managing invoices but also tracking expenses, logging work hours, and sending payment reminders. Through this comprehensive feature set, Zoho Invoice effectively expedites the payment cycle and contributes to the financial health of freelancers and small businesses alike.

FreshBooks Invoicing App

FreshBooks Invoicing App

The FreshBooks Invoicing App, developed by FreshBooks Cloud Accounting, stands out as one of the best free invoicing apps for Android. Offering a 30-day free trial, it claims the title of the #1 invoice maker and expense tracking app. This comprehensive tool serves as a valuable asset for business owners and clients alike, streamlining bookkeeping, enhancing client relationships, and optimizing overall business operations.

With its user-friendly interface, FreshBooks simplifies the process of creating professional invoices, showcasing your work clearly, and even sending automated payment reminders. Beyond invoicing, the app excels in expense tracking, allowing users to effortlessly capture receipts on the fly, import expenses from bank accounts, and seamlessly categorize them for future tax purposes. Notably, FreshBooks’ mileage tracking feature automatically records business trips and categorizes them, offering potential tax deductions—a testament to its all-inclusive approach to modern business management.

Smart Invoice Maker by Billdu

Smart Invoice Maker by Billdu

The “Smart Invoice Maker by Billdu” app, developed by Billdu LTD, stands out as one of the best free invoicing apps for Android, offering a seamless solution for creating professional invoices, estimates, and purchase orders within seconds. Combining the functionalities of a PDF receipt maker, bill payment organizer, and an intuitive invoice generator, this app streamlines the invoicing process with remarkable ease. By providing ready-made templates and efficient invoice-creation tools, it significantly reduces the time and effort required.

The app’s versatility extends to enabling card payments, and facilitating on-the-spot transactions with clients. Moreover, its PDF receipt generation and expense tracking capabilities enhance business organization. With secure data storage and synchronization across devices, the app not only simplifies invoicing but also serves as a versatile business tool for online booking, managing an online store, and effective client communication.

Wave: Small Business Software


Wave: Small Business Software is an exceptional solution offered by Wave HQ, aimed at empowering small business owners, freelancers, consultants, and contractors across the US and Canada. This mobile app stands as an integrated and on-the-go tool, streamlining the management of crucial business tasks. The app’s standout feature is its capability to craft personalized, professional invoices while concurrently allowing users to efficiently monitor their business expenditures within a single platform.

By incorporating optional credit card and bank payment processing, the app facilitates faster payment reception. Notably, subscribers can also enjoy the convenience of the mobile receipts feature, leveraging optical character recognition to effortlessly organize and trace business expenses, all while reducing paper clutter.

Joining the ranks of over 2 million satisfied users, Wave’s software has been a trusted companion for small business proprietors across North America. The app’s seamless receipt scanning functionality further solidifies its utility. With the subscription-based mobile receipts feature, the hassle of manual expense management is a thing of the past.

Through the innovative OCR technology, capturing and recording receipt information becomes a matter of seconds, enabling users to digitize and categorize receipts effectively. In essence, Wave: Small Business Software emerges not just as a free invoicing app, but as a comprehensive tool catering to the multifaceted financial needs of modern entrepreneurs.

Street Invoice

Street Invoice

Street Invoice, offered by Street Invoice LLC, is another premier choice among free invoicing apps for Android due to its seamless blend of convenience and efficiency. Designed to cater to the needs of contractors, small businesses, and freelancers, Street Invoice provides an intuitive platform for crafting and dispatching estimates and invoices with unmatched ease.

The app’s user-friendly interface empowers users to generate, transmit, and monitor invoices and estimates effortlessly from their mobile devices. This real-time accessibility enables users to manage their billing tasks while on the move, expediting the payment process by enabling them to forward invoices or estimates prior to leaving the client’s location.

Especially noteworthy is the app’s incorporation of essential features to streamline the invoicing process. With the capacity to generate up to 15 invoices per month in its free version, Street Invoice equips users with a foundation to initiate their invoicing journey.

For those requiring a more expansive solution, the option to upgrade opens doors to unlimited invoice and estimate creation, along with additional enhanced functionalities. This flexibility positions Street Invoice as an invaluable tool for ushering users into a realm of professional and organized invoicing practices.

By harnessing the capabilities of Street Invoice, users can promptly initiate their invoicing operations, foster a heightened sense of organization, and project an enhanced professional image, all while enjoying the benefits of a free, accessible platform.

Invoice Ninja | Get Paid

Invoice Ninja  Get Paid.

The Invoice Ninja | Get Paid app by Invoice Ninja is one of the best free invoicing apps for Android, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses. Renowned as a leading platform in the field, Invoice Ninja facilitates invoicing clients, accepting payments, and meticulously tracking expenses and billable tasks.

With the trust of over 200,000 businesses, Invoice Ninja’s popularity stems from its user-friendly interface, robust features, and the fact that it comes at absolutely no cost. The app enables users to effortlessly create invoices, manage payments, vendors, expenses, and time billable tasks and projects. Its array of capabilities includes handling invoicing, generating quotes, processing payments, maintaining a product library, and effective client management.

For those seeking enhanced functionalities, the Pro and Enterprise versions offer unlimited clients, invoices, and quotes, as well as the ability to email invoices and quotes through Gmail, and even attach or embed third-party files to client invoices and emails. With features like project and task management, time tracking, and top-notch security measures such as 2FA and Google Login, Invoice Ninja proves to be an indispensable asset for streamlining business operations and maximizing productivity.

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