10 Best Fake Text Message Apps for Android

When you text your friend or loved one and they respond, it’s obvious that there’s a real conversation. However, when you’re using fake chat message apps to converse with your friends and family, there’s no evidence of a real conversation. In this way, your friends or family may get a little bit suspicious. They may be wondering why you sent them a random text message and never actually talked to them.

If you’re looking for the best fake text message apps for android, then this post is for you. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best fake text message apps for android. These apps will help you create a fake text message with a friend or a loved one without anyone knowing. These apps are really useful when you’re trying to cheat someone, or if you want to prank with your friend.

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Best Fake Text Message Apps for Android

Text Message Creator

Text Message Creator

Text Message Creator is a simple app that allows you to create messages that look like they’re coming from your friend. It is perfect for situations where you need to send a message to your friend, but don’t have their number. This app makes it easy to create a fake text conversation. All you need to do is to enter the person’s name and pick from one of the pre-made messages. You can also add in your own words.

When the text is ready, you can send it to your friend or wait for them to respond. You can also add multiple people and create multiple conversations. Text Message Messenger is an excellent way to create fake text conversations with friends. You can use this app to chat with your friends, or you can send text messages that are similar to texts you’d expect to receive from your friends.

You can use this app to pretend to be a different person by creating a new conversation with a different name. This way, you can easily send and receive messages without anyone knowing. Text Message Creator can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. If you’re interested in sending and receiving fake text messages, this is an app you’ll definitely want to check out.

To get started, you will need to log in to your Google account. After you’ve logged in, you can begin typing a message. As you type, the app will show you suggestions for different messages that you can send. You can change the font, text color, and background color. You can also adjust the text size and choose from a range of emoticons. This is one of the best fake text message apps for android.

Funsta – Post and Direct prank


Funsta is a fun app that allows you to post a comment or direct message to another person. You can even include a video or audio file. This is a really good app for making prank calls and having conversations with your friends. It’s important to note that this app doesn’t let you make a call or send a message over the internet. This means that you’ll have to make a physical phone call to your friend or talk to them in person.

The app has a lot of features that include being able to edit and delete a message before sending it. You can also adjust the amount of time between sending messages, as well as change the sound effects. If you are trying to keep your identity hidden, or if you’re just trying to have some fun with your friends, then this is the perfect app for you. You can also add a mask on the text or an emoji sticker on your photo to make your text message even more memorable.

This is a great app for sending out pranks to friends or enemies. All you need to do is add an emoji and a voice message. The prankster will receive the message on their phone and have to reply. They can’t delete it and can only respond in the form of an emoji and a message. Funsta lets you create the perfect message with the right emoji, font, and size. And best of all, it’s completely free.

With Funsta, you’ll be able to send funny text messages and share photos instantly without revealing your identity. It works by adding a special sticker to your image that will give it a realistic, fun appearance. This way, you can be as creative as you want without worrying about your message getting deleted. All you need is a device that supports the app’s features and your smartphone can be your canvas.

iFake: Funny Fake Messages


The iFake app makes it very easy for you to create a fake message with someone using the same technology used in TV shows and movies. So instead of just creating a fake text message, you can have conversations with multiple people at the same time. The best part is that you can choose which character to use. This lets you talk to your friend in a completely different manner than your parents.

If you want to have more fun with your friends, then the iFake app is definitely the right choice. This is a great app to use if you’re planning on going out with your friends or if you just want to have fun with them. It’s time to be playful and has some fun. Use this hilarious app to create all kinds of fake messages with your friend or loved one.

iFake is a fun and easy-to-use fake text message app. You can have a real-time conversation with your friends, lovers, kids, and everyone else. No matter what you choose to talk about, you will never run out of ideas. You can make messages from anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

It allows you to create a fake conversation with your friends and even your ex-girlfriend. It’s really amazing because you can create funny conversations where you have an actual conversation with someone. You can also use it to pass your classes or school work. There are various subjects included, such as math, history, science, and more. You can also add your own topics that you’re interested in.

Features include:

  • Over 50 categories and sub-categories
  • A full-featured messaging application, where you can send or receive fake texts
  • A search feature to find words quickly
  • A grammar checker
  • An option to change fonts
  • Support for images
  • Full support for GIFs and video files

MeMi Message SMS Roleplay Chat

MeMi Message SMS Roleplay Chat

MeMi Message is the world’s leading messaging platform and the best fake text message app for Android. With this app, you can text, call, and chat with your friends. You can also chat with the app’s more than 3 billion users, and you can choose from a vast selection of emoticons, stickers, GIFs, images, and videos. You can also add emojis to your conversations.

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, then you’ll love this app. MeMi Message provides an innovative and unique messaging experience by allowing you to play games with your friends or your loved ones. You can create a roleplay chat with someone and have a real-life conversation. This is a really fun app, and it’s definitely worth trying out.

MeMiMessage is a free fake text message app that lets you talk with your friends without revealing that you’re communicating with another person. This app allows you to create fake conversations with your friends and talk to them. You can choose to have an interactive conversation or simply chat as if you were talking with your friend in real life.

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prankis a fake messaging app that allows you to send a “text” message to another number and get a text reply back. You can use it to prank your friends, family members, or colleagues.WhatsMock is one of the best fake text message apps for android. To use it, you first need to download the app from the Google Play Store.

After you’ve installed the app, you can use it to create a fake text message. You can add the number you want to text, the message you want to send, and a message reply. If you’re looking for a funny way to prank your friends or family, then this is the perfect app for you.WhatsMock is a free tool that helps you to create fake texts or chats by simulating other conversations.

With WhatsMock, you can easily create and simulate conversations in an instant messaging application. Using WhatsMock you can simulate any conversations you like in any instant messaging application, like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. You can also create conversations with your contacts in various different languages and countries.

WhatsMock is a very simple tool with a user-friendly interface. You can create conversations, save them for later, and even add a location. Once you are done with creating the conversation, WhatsMock will automatically simulate the conversation and put you in the middle of the conversation. In case you forgot to record the conversation, WhatsMock also lets you save it for later.

Fake Chat Conversation – prank

Fake Chat Conversation

Fake Chat Conversation is a perfect app for both pranksters and prank victims alike. It allows users to send text messages to complete strangers or to a group of people. With the application, you can create your own conversations and see what they think of them. The application was developed by TechRoid. This application is no different in the fact that it allows you to share your stories and chat with others.

Fake Chat Conversation has become one of the most popular apps for those who are interested in social media. While many of the new social media platforms are all about privacy, Fake Chat Conversation makes it very easy to chat with people. The application has many features that make it easy to use. One of the features includes the ability to create chats with multiple people.

When you have a conversation with more than one person, you will be able to see all the chat threads at once. The app allows you to add filters to your conversations. With the filters, you can change the color of your background and turn off specific things. You can also use filters to hide people from your conversations.

Another feature that makes Fake Chat Conversation stand out from other similar applications is the ability to add images to your messages. This is a great way of making your conversations more interesting. You can even add gifs and stickers to your conversations.

TextingStory Chat Story Maker

TextingStory Chat Story Maker

TextingStory Chat Story Maker is a free app that lets you create fake conversations and texts with your friends and family. You can also connect your Facebook account to the app to sync your profile. The app has a clean interface and a friendly voice. It’s great for beginners and takes less than a minute to set up. Once you have a few conversations, you’ll be able to create more interesting stories that your friends will actually like.

To create a story, simply start typing out the message and it will write a response that you can choose to send. Some responses will include information that is not in your history, such as who you texted last or which friend you’re messaging. The best part about this app is that the history never gets saved or stored in the cloud.

You can add photos and links to your story and add multiple accounts, including your Facebook profile. TextingStory is a great app that you can use to add some spice to your conversations with your friends and family.TextingStory has over 10 million downloads and is among the most downloaded and reviewed fake text message apps.

This free fake text message app is a great way to meet new people, create a private conversations, and chat with friends. With TextingStory, you can take control of your text conversation. You can choose a name for your conversation, send messages, choose an avatar, set a time limit for your conversation, and view your history. If you need more privacy, you can turn off the “location” feature and hide your contacts.

Fake Chat Maker – WhatsMessage


If you’re looking for the best fake text message apps for android, then WhatsMessage is it. You can have a real-time conversation with someone and still pretend you’re talking to another person. This app allows you to create a private conversation with a specific contact and also set an alarm. The app also has a group chat function.

The best part about this app is that it supports SMS, MMS, and calls. You can send messages to your contacts, make free long-distance calls, and you can add more than one recipient. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and Nokia devices. This is a simple app that lets you have a real-life conversation with someone to who you’re talking.

This app is a good option for those who want to create fake text messages with their family and friends. You can use it to send messages to your close friends and families while appearing to talk to someone else.WhatsMessage is easy to use and you don’t need any sort of special training to start chatting.

Fake SMS – Fake Text Message

Fake SMS

Fake SMS – Fake Text Message is an extremely popular app that lets you create a fake text message. Fake SMS lets you make a fake text message with a phone number, and send it out at a scheduled time. You can also edit the content of the message. You can send messages to your contacts or to strangers. You can easily create the message, pick a subject, and select a phone number from your contact list.

After sending the message, you can either view the text or press ‘send’ to send it to the chosen phone. To add more intrigue to this fake conversation, you can also choose to have your messages delivered to multiple phones at the same time. This means that the message will be sent to the phone numbers you’ve selected at different times.

In addition to this, you can set a delivery reminder to make sure your messages reach your recipient on the appointed day. You can also have your message broadcasted to Facebook so that your friends can see it too. So, this is the best fake text message app that you’ll find on Google Play Store.

This app was designed with a simple purpose – it lets you pretend that you’re talking to your friend or relative by pretending that your friend or relative has replied back to your text. You can also use this app to send funny texts to your friends. It’s the best way to kill time and have some fun. The app has a very simple interface, so it won’t take you much time to figure out how it works.

Fake Call and Sms

Fake Call and Sms

Fake Call and Sms allow you to create fake calls and texts that appear on the phone of the person you’re communicating with. It is a simple and easy application to use. All you have to do is enter the phone number of the person you want to send the fake text message to. You can add a message to the fake call and then send it to the number you entered. If you enter the phone number of the person who is going to be receiving the fake text message, they will be able to see that the message was sent by you.

Fake Call and Sms is a fantastic app to get in touch with people without having to give out your own contact details. You can use fake calls and SMS apps to set up a text conversation with a random person. They are perfect for those who are shy, want to start a conversation, or just have some fun.

You can also check the profile page of a random person and choose to text them. This lets you see if they’re a good match before you get in touch. With Fake Call and Sms, you can easily set up a text conversation with someone, without having to ask them for their number first. This is a great way to make new friends.

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