10 Apps To Earn Gift Cards By Playing Games

Mobile apps designed to combine the thrill of gaming with the allure of receiving tangible rewards have captured the attention of users worldwide. These innovative apps present a unique opportunity to turn leisure time into a rewarding venture, offering players a chance to accumulate gift cards for popular retailers, services, and platforms, all while engaging in their favorite virtual pastimes.

This fusion of gaming and real-world benefits has redefined how we approach leisure activities, transforming them into avenues for tangible gain. In this article, we will discuss the apps to earn gift cards by playing games, exploring their features, mechanics, and the broader implications they hold for the intersection of technology, entertainment, and reward.

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Apps To Earn Gift Cards By Playing Games

Big Time Cash – Make Money

Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash – Make Money by WINR Games Inc is a revolutionary app that stands as a beacon for gamers seeking to turn their passion into profits. Unlike traditional gaming apps, Big Time offers a unique opportunity to earn real money while enjoying your favorite video games. With a track record of distributing substantial sums of money to fortunate players, the app operates on a simple principle: a share of its advertising revenue is allocated to a fortunate winner in each draw. The more the app’s user base grows, the larger the cash prizes become.

A standout feature is the adherence to a Free-2-Win model, where success isn’t determined by in-app purchases or pay-to-win tactics. This refreshing approach has earned Big Time acclaim for its commitment to fairness, enticing gamers to partake for a chance to win cash rewards. Unlocking a world of both entertainment and financial gain, Big Time Cash empowers individuals to monetize their gaming prowess effortlessly. The app’s innovative concept provides a solution to the age-old query of how to make money by playing video games.

With an array of captivating games at your fingertips, players can immerse themselves in gameplay while simultaneously entering the fray for substantial cash prizes. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for everyone, enabling users to engage from various locations such as home, bus stations, subways, and more. Big Time Cash thrives on democratizing the gaming landscape, ensuring that gaming skills, rather than monetary investments, dictate success.

Make Money: Play & Earn Cash

Make Money

The Make Money: Play & Earn Cash by Mode Mobile, now known as the Mode Earn App, presents an exciting opportunity to turn your leisure time into real earnings. With a staggering user base that has collectively earned and saved over $150,000,000, this app has proven its effectiveness in providing users with a tangible way to make money while engaging in enjoyable activities. By playing games, listening to music, shopping, and even charging your device, you can effortlessly accumulate earnings in minutes.

The Mode Earn App’s unique proposition lies in its ability to convert your recreational pursuits into genuine monetary gains. Notably, it stands out as the only cash app that directly rewards you with real money for playing games. This app is designed to cater to various interests and preferences, allowing users to engage with a vast library of over 100,000 radio stations, enjoy popular songs, and also partake in games developed by top game studios. It’s a seamless, user-friendly solution that enables you to earn cash and free gift cards effortlessly while having fun.

AppStation: Games & Rewards


AppStation: Games & Rewards, the premier app by App Station Company that transforms your gaming prowess into tangible rewards. If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your gaming passion into extra cash, look no further. AppStation is the ultimate cash app that actually delivers on its promises. Embrace the thrill of playing games while simultaneously earning gift cards – it’s a winning combination that has never been this effortless.

Unlike other apps, AppStation stands out by offering an uninterrupted and ad-free experience. Bid farewell to in-app purchases and intrusive ads – AppStation is completely free to use. Dive into an expansive selection of games, pick one or more that tickle your fancy, and start playing. With every passing minute, your efforts are rewarded with coins, which serve as the emblem of your achievements.

Monitor your progress seamlessly on AppStation, observing your accumulated rewards and the remaining steps to claim your coveted gift card. Your journey to gift card glory is marked by attainable milestones, with the number of rewards needed varying based on the gift card brand. To kickstart your adventure, AppStation greets you with a generous welcome bonus of 4444 coin rewards, ensuring that your first payout is just minutes away.

Lucktastic: Win Prizes, Real Rewards


Lucktastic: Win Prizes, Real Rewards is an engaging app developed by Jump Ramp Games that offers an exciting opportunity to earn gift cards by playing interactive scratch card games. With a simple and addictive gameplay mechanic, users can immerse themselves in the world of scratchers and stand a chance to win actual prizes. The app presents a variety of scratch-off themes, allowing players to choose their preferred theme, swipe to reveal hidden symbols, and find out if luck is on their side.

From cash prizes and in-app rewards to valuable gift cards, Lucktastic’s enticing selection of winnings keeps players motivated to scratch and win. Additionally, users can collect tokens through scratching cards, aiming to climb the ranks and set high scores. The app also offers sweepstakes and contests, providing further opportunities to win enticing real prizes such as gift cards, exciting getaways, and popular branded items. With daily updates featuring new themes, including holiday-inspired ones, Lucktastic keeps the experience fresh and captivating for users seeking a chance to win rewards on a daily basis.

Embracing the concept of casual gaming as a rewarding pastime, Lucktastic brings forth a platform that merges entertainment with the prospect of tangible gains. The app’s user-friendly interface and engaging mechanics make it accessible to players of all levels, transforming mundane moments into exciting opportunities to score.

Each scratch card reveals a chance for players to find three matching symbols, igniting a sense of anticipation and delight as they unveil their potential winnings. The allure of real prizes, ranging from virtual rewards to actual gift cards, fuels users’ motivation to scratch and play consistently, while the ranking system encourages healthy competition among players. By continuously refreshing the themes and incorporating seasonal content, such as holiday scratchers, Lucktastic remains relevant and engaging throughout the year.

Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards

Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play: Earn Gift Cards app developed by Influence Mobile, Inc. offers an exciting opportunity for users to earn FREE gift cards for their favorite stores simply by indulging in popular and enjoyable games. With a selection ranging from classic games like Solitaire and Mahjong to engaging options like Wheel of Fortune and Yahtzee, players can delight in their preferred games from the comfort of their homes while earning valuable rewards.

Whether you’re a fan of Amazon, Walmart, Target, or Best Buy, the app provides the chance to cash in your earned points for enticing gift cards within just 48 hours. The simplicity of the process makes it an easy and gratifying way to score gift cards and enjoy the benefits of your gaming prowess. Rewarded Play stands as your go-to destination for an array of casual games that cater to your preferences, all designed to make the experience of earning gift cards effortlessly enjoyable.

As you engage in gameplay, points accumulate through various avenues, such as commencing play, achieving specific levels, watching rewarded videos, and making in-app purchases. This user-friendly approach ensures that the app becomes a seamless part of your daily routine, offering the prospect of desirable gift cards from reputable brands like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

Freecash: Earn Crypto & Prizes


The Freecash: Earn Crypto & Prizes app by Freecash offers a seamless and engaging platform for users to earn rewards and make money through a variety of activities. This user-friendly game rewards application allows individuals to indulge in their favorite casual games while also providing opportunities to complete surveys and accumulate earnings in the form of gift cards and cryptocurrency. By participating in these activities, users can earn Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards, and more.

What sets Freecash apart is its impressive average user earnings of approximately $17.53 per day, and the quick accessibility to the first cash-out after a mere 42 minutes and 21 seconds of gameplay. With the promise of prize play and exciting game rewards, Freecash emerges as a promising platform for those seeking an enjoyable and profitable way to spend their time.

The app’s versatility shines through its diverse range of game genres, catering to various preferences, from casual games to MMORPGs and sports titles. Regardless of your gaming inclination, Freecash ensures an entertaining and rewarding experience. Through this app, users can seize money-making opportunities while on the go, be it by completing surveys or participating in thrilling game challenges.

As a fast-growing rewards platform, Freecash delivers convenience by bringing its services right to users’ fingertips, enabling them to earn crypto, gift cards, and other valuable rewards from the comfort of their smartphones. With its intuitive interface and the chance to engage with different forms of entertainment and earnings, Freecash has positioned itself as an enticing choice for those seeking an all-in-one solution to earning cash and crypto while having a blast.

Blackjack – World Tournament


Blackjack – World Tournament app by NEON Games, a comprehensive gaming experience that lets players dive into the exhilarating world of blackjack tournaments while earning enticing gift cards. As the pioneer of genuine blackjack tournaments on a mobile platform, this app offers a unique opportunity to hone strategic skills and prepare for real casino adventures. Embracing official casino rules, the app hosts Real Blackjack Tournaments, transporting players to global gambling hotspots like Rio, Las Vegas, Sydney, Macau, and Tokyo.

Engaging in spirited competition, participants face off against two other players across eight intense hands, with Hand 4 acting as the elimination round. Adding a twist of strategy, a card exchange option amps up the excitement during pivotal moments. The app fuels the competitive spirit by benchmarking global rankings, where the ultimate chip-holder claims the coveted prize. With an inclusive approach, players of all proficiency levels can join the blackjack frenzy, scaling four rounds devoid of elimination hands.

Furthermore, the Blackjack – World Tournament app doesn’t stop at realism; it thrives on connectivity. A distinctive feature allows players to partake in Multi-level Tournaments alongside three competitors, fostering camaraderie and the thrill of outwitting opponents. The app transcends geographical boundaries, letting enthusiasts play against friends and fellow players worldwide, amplifying the sense of a global blackjack community.

Amping up the suspense, Multi-Bets and Pair Bets permit wagers across up to three positions simultaneously, multiplying the strategic dimensions of the game. Notably, the Double Pay Gauge introduces an innovative dynamic, where a brimming gauge doubles the upcoming hand’s payout, creating high-stakes moments that keep players on the edge of their seats. The allure of private blackjack tables enhances social play, enabling friends to engage in exclusive games.

21 Blitz: Single Player

21 Blitz

21 Blitz: Single Player by Tether Studios LLC – a revolutionary fusion of Blackjack and Solitaire that promises an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. This app, featured on Apps To Earn Gift Cards By Playing Games, is a haven for both casual players seeking leisurely enjoyment and competitive spirits aiming to refine their card-counting skills. The game’s unique mechanics blend the excitement of Blackjack with the tactical finesse of Solitaire, creating a dynamic challenge that captivates players for hours on end.

In 21 Blitz: Single Player, each turn offers a decision-rich moment as players strategically select cards from four different lanes to form stacks that add up to 21. As you engage in this intricate puzzle, your ability to balance risk and reward is put to the test. The thrill lies in creating combos, stringing together streak bonuses, and honing your tactics to perfect each move.

However, the challenge is not without its pitfalls; going over 21 will result in a lane bust, and accruing three busts spells the end of the game. For those with nimble fingers and a keen sense of strategy, finishing the deck before the clock runs out brings an additional time bonus, adding a layer of urgency to the already exhilarating gameplay. With its seamless blend of intellectual stimulation and heart-pounding excitement, 21 Blitz ensures that players can’t help but keep coming back for more.

Win Real Money: Cash App Games

Win real Mone

Win Real Money: Cash App Games is the ultimate gaming platform for those seeking to turn their gameplay into a lucrative venture. Unlike other games that offer little to no tangible benefit, this app stands out by providing a collection of captivating games that pay real money instantly through PayPal, all while eliminating intrusive ads. If you’re on the hunt for an app that lets you earn money while you play, your search ends here. With STG, you can immerse yourself in an array of games that not only entertain but also reward you for every minute of gameplay.

STG Win Real Money Games lets you indulge in your gaming passion while simultaneously capitalizing on it. The app’s user-friendly interface and free installation make it accessible to all, offering an enticing opportunity to win valuable gift cards from popular retailers. Imagine the satisfaction of scoring a gift card to your favorite store or restaurant, all thanks to your gaming skills. With a variety of real money-making games on the platform, you can embrace a win-win scenario, relishing the excitement of gameplay while reaping tangible rewards.

Bubble Pop Games: Shooter Cash

Bubble Pop Games

Bubble Pop Games: Shooter Cash by Party Happy Games, where entertainment and rewards seamlessly blend. Embark on a journey of addictive bubble-popping excitement, all while earning gift cards through the Apps To Earn platform. Experience the joy of this relaxing bubble shooter game, where your goal is to aim, match, and burst bubbles in a soothing color-matching escapade. Its versatility – enjoy it offline, making it a perfect companion for moments of leisure or during travel. Families can delight in its simplicity, making it an ideal choice for both young and old, creating memorable cash-winning experiences together.

In Bubble Pop Games, the rules are simple yet engrossing. Your task is to match and burst groups of three or more bubbles, causing them to burst in a delightful spectacle of colors. As you progress, your goal is to clear all bubbles on the screen to advance to higher levels, embracing an endless array of challenges. The allure intensifies as you strive for that coveted three-star rating on each level, adding an extra layer of intrigue. By continuously breaking bubbles, you can accumulate bonus points, further enhancing your cash-winning potential.

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