iPhone 15 Pro Max might be replaced by iPhone 15 Ultra: could adopt a feature from Galaxy S23 Ultra

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 might be poised to take a significant leap forward, given recent speculations about its features and naming conventions. As the tech community eagerly anticipates its launch, various rumors have been swirling around, some of which may redefine our smartphone experience.

In the recent past, the chatter surrounding the iPhone 15 series has intensified, hinting at numerous potential upgrades. These rumored enhancements span across various aspects of the device, including a more robust titanium frame, innovative solid-state buttons, an action button which could possibly replace the long-standing mute switch, and a high-performance A17 Bionic SoC. Such advancements are not merely limited to the Pro models, as even the standard iPhone 15 is believed to be in line for these cutting-edge changes.

One of the most talked-about subjects has been the naming of Apple’s flagship iPhone 15. A previously surfaced rumor proposed the inclusion of the ‘Ultra’ tag, reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra. While this idea was initially dispelled, it seems to have gained traction again. Post Apple’s previous “Far Out” event, industry analyst Mark Gurman from Bloomberg had discussed a possible shift in Apple’s approach to naming its iPhones. However, this perspective was soon overshadowed by a later narrative that Apple might reserve the ‘Ultra’ name for the iPhone 16 series.

Yet, recent insights from Andrew O’Hara, a prominent voice from Apple Insider, reignite the ‘Ultra’ naming speculation. On August 19, O’Hara hinted at the likelihood of the pinnacle iPhone being dubbed the ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’. Delving deeper into his revelations, he cited multiple sources that reaffirmed Apple’s inclination towards this nomenclature. What’s more intriguing is O’Hara’s mention of a possible periscope telephoto lens on the iPhone 15 Ultra, a feature that could rival the renowned Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. While initial reports speculated a zoom range of 5X-6X, O’Hara predicts this lens to potentially offer an astounding 10X zoom, leveling the playing field with the S23 Ultra.

Alongside the camera specifications, O’Hara’s report shed light on other noteworthy features. The iPhone 15 Pro variants might be embracing a sleek titanium frame and might debut an action button, possibly heralding the end of the iconic mute switch era. Furthermore, driving these advanced devices would be the state-of-the-art A17 Bionic SoC, expected to elevate the overall performance and efficiency.

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